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Formed in early 2000 by ex-speed/thrash Antidote guitarist Nino Laurenne as a project, his first demo was recorded at his personally owned Sonic Pump Studios. With a growing awareness of the project's potential, a commitment was made to create a full-fledged band. Laurenne then recruited former Antidote bandmate Titus Hjelm on bass and backing vocals, Pasi Rantanen on vocals and Mirka Rantanen on drums. By the summer of 2001, Kari Tornack joined the ranks as keyboardist, and THUNDERSTONE evolved into a quintet. Read more on

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Live: Kvelertak @ London Lexington – Thursday, 16 September 2010

September 21st, 2010

You’ve heard about Kvelertak, right? After a series of visits to the UK over the Summer, it seems everyone is talking about this bunch of Norwegians. When they landed in Islington last week, Hugh Platt was shirking around at the back.

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You know how sometimes you get enjoyment out of shit movies and TV shows than average ones? Well that’s down to Moderated Expectations. If you go into something thinking its going to be shite, when it turns out to be not too shabby – Hey! You enjoy yourself. Conversely, if you expect to be blown away by something and it ends up coasting along as something merely average. And that’s the problem Kvelertak have to deal with tonight.

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