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Trivium is a metal band which formed in Orlando, Florida, United States in 1999. The band currently consists of Matt Heafy (vocals, guitar), Corey Beaulieu (guitar), Paolo Gregoletto (bass) and Alex Bent (drums). Heafy is the band's only remaining original member. Since their formation, the band has released nine studio albums. Their most recent album, "Play albumBuy
What The Dead Men Say", was released on April 23, 2020.

Trivium crosses multiple heavy metal genres such as thrash metal, alternative metal, groove metal, and heavy metal. Read more on

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Trivium add tiny Christmas shows in Dundee and London

November 11th, 2008

trivium thrash hits promo shot matt heafy corey beaulieu travis smith paolo gregoletto

Mighty metallers Trivium have announced two more shows to accompany their Irish headlining shows in December at Dundee Fat Sams on 02 December 2008 and London Borderling on 09 December 2008.

The Floridian quartet will have been on tour with Slayer, Mastodon and Amon Amarth on The Unholy Alliance by the time these shows roll around and they are going to have an end-of-tour blowout in London.

The London Borderline holds just 275 people so it’s going to be a little bit special. There will be no support band and tickets will go on sale at 12pm 12 November 2008 to Trivium World fan club members and, if there are any left, they will go on sale the following day.

A handful of competition winners will join some VIP guest for a Christmas After Show Party featuring METAL KARAOKE! This sounds radical enough already without the fact that Trivium will be the house band.

Trivium December tourdates
02 Dundee Fat Sams
04 Derry Nerve Centre
05 Belfast Mandela Hall
06 Dublin Ambassador
07 Cork Savoy Theatre
09 London Borderline


Live + Photos: The Unholy Alliance – Slayer, Trivium, Mastodon, Amon Amarth @ London Hammersmith Apollo – 30 October 2008

November 6th, 2008

Who said Slayer were old school? There seemed to be an Unholy curse on our technology! Our video camera chewed up our tape and our camera packed up halfway through. Hugh Platt still managed to remember some…

Slayer Kerry King Tom Araya Jeff Hahnemann Dave Lombardo Thrash Hits

With a beard so mighty it increases his hair swing per headbang by at least 40%, Johan Hegg’s Swedes open the Unholy Alliance in raucous style. Amon Amarth’s viking anthems are so heavy, one audience member literally shits himself and is carried out in shame. So begins The Unholy Alliance.

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Album: Trivium – Shogun

August 13th, 2008

trivium thrash hits promo shot matt heafy corey beaulieu travis smith paolo gregoletto

Roadrunner Records
30 September 2008

by Joel McIver

Thousands of metalheads despise the Florida quartet Trivium without, it seems, even hearing their music.

For the last few years they’ve been the butt of much criticism for sounding too much like Metallica, or for including too many hair-metal-style singalong choruses in their songs, or for being too pretty, or just for not being ‘troo’ and ‘kult’ enough.

There are elements of truth here – frontman Matt Heafy’s vocals have been very similar to James Hetfield’s at times – but it’s high time for the haters to get over themselves, as Trivium’s new album sounds like Trivium and no-one else.

trivium shogun artwork cover art packshot thrash hits

Even if you don’t like Shogun – and it’s not a perfect album by any means, so a lot of people won’t – you’ll have to admit that they’ve found an original sound, composed of melodic choruses and fat, downtuned riffs, which is uniquely theirs.

The first song released from Shogun was ‘Kirisute Gomen’, a song which acknowledges Heafy’s Japanese background in its lyrics but which is all-American in its music, like it or not.

It’s probably the best song on the album along with ‘Insurrection’, both of which switch smoothly from a knowingly cheesy singalong chorus – which could have been designed for rock radio – to a fast, sub-thrash metal riff.

Watch an alternative, piss-taking video to ‘Pull Harder On The String Of Your Martyr’ by Trivium

Trivium never really enter extreme metal territory, with drummer Travis Smith sticking to on-beats rather than the full-throttle off-beat workout: in fact, it’s your duty to inform anybody foolish enough to think that Trivium play thrash to inform them of their mistake.

The usual dazzling solos, multilayered choruses and tempo changes are all over the remaining songs. Trivium obviously have tons of ideas: there are at least six different vocal styles, from death-grunt to midrange snarl to clean tenor, and the number of riffs per song is impressive.

The recipe gets a little old by the end of the album – pretentious songs like ‘Into The Mouth Of Hell We March’ (listen to that on their MySpace) and ‘Of Prometheus And The Crucifix’ could have been deleted and no-one would have complained – but if this is where Heafy et al are going, at least it’s a path that is theirs and no-one else’s.


Shogun by Trivium is released on 29 September 2008 on Roadrunner Records


Trivium reveal Shogun artwork + first thoughts / early review

August 10th, 2008

trivium thrash hits promo shot matt heafy corey beaulieu travis smith paolo gregoletto

Trivium have released the artwork for their forthcoming fourth album, Shogun.

We’ve heard it, so expect a full review of Shogun on Thrash Hits .com in the coming days. Here’s an ultra-quick rundown of our first impressions…

Trivium – Shogun

‘Kirisute Gomen’ – you’ve probably already got it for free
‘Torn Between Scylla And Charybdis’ – Almost 7 minutes long. Heafy’s got his old voice back. Huge solos
‘Down From The Sky’– Over 5 minutes long. More singing but less soloing. Next single.
‘He Who Spawned the Furies’ – Just over 4 minutes. Slow and brutal. Soppy chorus gives way to some true brutality. Strong track.
‘Into The Mouth Of Hell We March’ – It’s on the Madden NFL game. Almost 6 minutes long. Galloping!
‘Throes Of Perdition’ Almost 6 minutes again. Another dramatic title. Great chorus.
‘Insurrection’ – Almost 5 minutes long. Ultra fast intro. One for fans of The Crusade.
‘Of Prometheus And The Crucifix’ – Over 4 minutes. Another dramatic title. Another great chorus. Definite single possibilty.
‘The Calamity’ – Almost 5 minutes long. Complex melodies. Great breakdown.
‘Like Callisto To A Star In Heaven’ – Over 5 minutes long. Another great title. Great galloping guitars.
‘Shogun’ – After 9 minutes it was still going, despite missing the outro. Massive.

trivium shogun artwork cover art packshot thrash hits

Shogun by Trivium will be released on 29 September 2008 through Roadrunner Records

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