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Unearth the Kings is a metalcore band formed in Tenbury Wells, UK in 2014] featuring Ali Ross (Cars On Fire) on vocals, Jason Bowld (Axewound, Pitchshifter) on drums and Owen Packard (earthtone9) on guitars.

The debut three-track EP, "And Yet It Moves" can be downloaded from their official website Read more on

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If You Buy One Thing This Week: And Yet It Moves by Unearth The Kings

January 26th, 2015

If You Buy One Thing This Week, makemit And Yet It Moves by Unearth The Kings

Sometimes we get a bit…iffy about recommending side-projects for something like If You Buy One Thing This Week. Guys from various bands get together, write some killer tracks then….then…nothing. Their other bands take precedence. The dream is dead.

Unearth The Kings is a new outfit from Owen Packard (from earthtone9) Ali Ross (Cars On Fire) and Jason Bowld (Axewound, Pitchshifter), and even if they never release another thing ever, we won’t regret recommending their 3-song debut EP as it is awesome.

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