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White Wizzard

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White Wizzard is:

Jon Leon - Bass, Guitars
Dylan Marks - Drums
James J. La Rue - Guitars
Wyatt "Screaming Demon" Anderson - Vocals


White Wizzard hails from Los Angeles CA. Tired of the down-tuned screamo metal that seemed to be everywhere, bass player Jon Leon formed White Wizzard in the summer of 2007. The goal was simple - to bring the songwriting, melody and good times back into metal and rock.

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Season’s Bleedings 2010-2011: White Wizzard

December 10th, 2010

We’ve asked a shit-ton of  people from the world of heavy metal all sorts of old nonsense about Christmas. You give a shit, right? First up – Peter Ellis, (current) vocalist in White Wizzard.

White Wizzard Peter Ellis Thrash Hits

Do you have any particular or unusual Christmas traditions?
Not any more but when I was a kid I would always go and sing Christmas carols door to door on Christmas and New Year’s eve every year. It’s a big tradition in Greece. Kids go out from the early hours of the morning on these two days and sing Christmas songs door to door for sweets or pocket money. I used to make a ton of money every Christmas doing that since people would usually give me more money that most kids because I had a good voice and I was doing it well – some of those kids were awful!

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Download Festival announces 30 new bands; internet collapses under the weight of forum-bitching

April 12th, 2010

In the continued game of one-upmanship that Download and Sonisphere have been engaging in for no good reason, today Download decided to annouce thirty acts. How the hell are we supposed to come up with enough snide and bitchy comments about thirty bloody bands? I ask you.

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Photos: Hammerfest 2010 @ Pontin’s, Prestatyn – Day 3

March 21st, 2010

We had to pick a Sabaton shot to head Gary Wolstenholme’s final photo set from Hammerfest 2010. Seriously, go check the other shots of the band in the gallery after the jump, and you’ll see what we mean. Jesus fucking Christ, look at the posing! We can’t even think up something mocking to say about it, such is the extent that our minds have been blown.

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