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Wonder Years

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With influences from Pretty Lights, Gramatik, James Brown and the entire funk/soul era, this album was created by Cory Wythe, during the first chapter of what now is “Wonder Years”. This music expresses the creative and technical skills used in the creation of electronic hip-hop/soul, and the evolution of these skills over the first six month span of this young artist’s journey. Gravitas is excited to have this young talent join the team and expects big things from him in the future. Read more on

Wonder Years on Thrash Hits

The Thrash Hits Albums of 2013 In Numbers

December 10th, 2013

2013 AOTY Thrash Hits Albums of the Year

If you’re on this page, you really should have seen the Thrash Hits Albums of the Year 2013 list already. If you haven’t, you should click that link or this link and sort that out. This piece will attempt to delve into some vague statistical analysis of the results. This is really only interesting if you care deeply about either the Thrash Hits Top 20, any old statistical analysis or both, so the chances are you’ll have clicked through to something else by now. Anyway…

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