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Wormed is a technical brutal death metal band from Madrid, Spain. Wormed was formed in 1998, in the beginning, the first line-up was : J.Oliver (guitar), Dani (guitar), Guillemoth (bass) Andy C. (drums). After a few months the band contact with Phlegeton the official vocalist of WORMED. Phlegeton gives fresh air to the band transforming the band concept from the classical gore to another concept, based in the outer space far from imagination. The music turned into an atypical Brutal Death full of diverse influences. Read more on

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Album: Wormed – Exodromos

March 29th, 2013

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Hammerheart Records
26 March 2013

by Rob McAuslan

There was a time when Wormed were one of the names to drop in death metal circles. The Spanish tech-death outfit caused a huge stir back in 2003 with their debut Planisphærium, then pretty much disappeared for a decade, with the odd split CD or EP being the only signs of life in the interim. The key thing that made that first record so great was its utterly polarising, full-assault approach to sound and songwriting, which sent them immediately into the league of similarly individualistic bands such as Cryptopsy and Dim Mak.  [Read more →]

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