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Future Hits 189: Stoneghost

January 27th, 2015

Stoneghost 2015 promo photo Thrash Hits

From: Bromley, UK
Lazy equation: Mastodon (or how they sounded about a decade ago, at any rate) bundling Lamb of God into the boot of a battered Ford Escort because they lost a bet.
URLs: Facebook // Twitter

We hear about bands in the strangest ways. Our Deputy Editor’s tattooist, who in addition to playing in a pretty damn awesome band of his own, also happens to share a tattoo studio with Jason Smith, vocalist with Stoneghost. Due to a series of fortuitous coincidences, we happen to have an interview with Jason, as well as the band’s drummer, Cris Finniss, just after they’ve inked a brand new deal with Mascot Entertainment, aka the industry machine behind Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society.

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Future Hits 187: Prosperina

January 7th, 2015

Future Hits 187: Prosperina

From: Swansea (and London), UK
Lazy equation: Mastodon having a wig-off jam with Tool.
URLs: Website // Facebook // Twitter

We like bands that have big fuck-off riffs, and we also like sound like they might have hung out with Soundgarden over brunch and swapped a few ideas back and forth. Prosperina tick boths those boxes, so we got guitarist/vocalist Gethin Woolcock to answer our Future Hits questions. Also their guitarist Chris bought us a beer once. Fair’s fair.

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Future Hits 186: Morð

November 6th, 2014

Mord logo icelandic black metal band 2014

Morð (Morth)
From: Reykjavik, Iceland
Lazy equation: Íslenska svartur málmur með einhverjum gróp
URLs: Facebook // Bandcamp

Talking in broad strokes, black metal is all about emotion. It uses it to steamroller your senses and the ability of a successful black metal band in parlaying said emotion is an impressive one. It’s difficult to play a guitar incredibly fast but you can learn to do that much more easily than learning to convey your emotions. That’s why we knew Morð were the real deal when we saw them playing live at Eistnaflug Festival earlier this summer.

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Future Hits 185: Sunnata

October 8th, 2014

Sunnata 2014 promo photo Thrash Hits

From: Warsaw, Poland
Lazy equation: (Shrinebuilder – the hipster stigma) x Polish sensibilities on the necessity of heaviness
URLs: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp

When you think of heavy music and Poland, it’s natural that your thoughts gravitate to either the death metal heavyweights the country has produced such as Decapitated and Vader, or the likes of modern day blackened superstars Behemoth. That’s not all that this particular corner of Eastern Europe has to offer though, as the likes of Sunnata can attest. Heavy on riffs but even heavier on atmosphere, Sunnata’s just-released Climbing The Colossus weaves in between traditional-sounding big riff worship and more experimental near-ambient passages. It was more than enough to get our attention for a Future Hits interrogation.

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Future Hits 184: Guerrilla Monsoon

September 26th, 2014


Guerilla Monsoon
From: Birmingham, UK
Lazy equation: Descendents + (Gnarwolves if they went through a second puberty)
URLs: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp

We went to Leeds Festival and spent a lot of it badly DJing to crowds of dis-interested hangers on in the guest area. One of our fellow DJs was a man by the name of Lewis Bloor. Because we were too busy telling people that no, we weren’t going to play The Killers no matter how many times they asked, we didn’t find out he was in a rather awesome band by the name of Guerilla Monsoon until after we got back to London. Which is why you’re only reading our Future Hits interview with Lewis and his fellow vocalist/guitarist, Mark Bussey, right now.

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Future Hits 183: Dust Moth

September 12th, 2014

Dust Moth 2014 promo photo Thrash Hits

Dust Moth
From: Seattle, USA
Lazy equation: (late-period Mastodon – male vocals) x the smoother shoegaze edges that Deftones have been flirting with + Irene Barber’s PJ Harvey-isms
URLs: Facebook // Bandcamp

We won’t say the word s*p*rgr**p if you don’t. We make no secret of our enduring love for Narrows, so when we heard that their guitarist Ryan Frederiksen had a new project on the go with Matt Bayles (yes, he formerly of Minus The Bear), we were naturally intrigued. The band in question is Dust Moth, which the pair formed along with a few other luminaries from other, highly-regarded Seattle-based bands. They make music that shares textures with many of the bands MAtt Bayles has produced/engineered for (and there are many) but the end result is something unique in both timbre and tone. 

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Future Hits 182: PIST

August 29th, 2014

PIST 2014 promo photo Thrash Hits

From: Manchester, UK
Lazy equation: Alabama Thunderpussy if they drank too much.
URLs: Facebook // Website // Bandcamp

As if their name wasn’t enough of a clue, Manchester’s PIST like drinking. It’s pretty much their favourite thing in the world. To be honest, we’re a little bit worried they like it too much, after giant massive Southern Rock-tinged groove-metal riffs. We saw them play the Unicorn in Camden earlier this year, and and we mean that in a really-real way, not in a make-light-of-potential-alcohol-abuse-issues-for-a-pithy-introduction-to-a-Future-Hits-interview. We caught up with guitarist John Nicholson.

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Future Hits 181: Catapult The Dead

August 14th, 2014

Catapult The Dead promo photo Thrash Hits

Catapult The Dead
From: Oakland, USA
Lazy equation: Mournful Congregation x early Cult of Luna + even more crushing despair
URLs: Facebook // Bandcamp // BigCartel

Oakland’s Catapult The Dead do not take shortcuts. They make anti-Easy Listening music. Case in point being their debut release, All Is Sorrow: a single, 37-minute track that drives through six distinct and equally harrowing passages of punishing heaviness. It was written to be experienced in a single, uncompromising listening session, and boy, it was an intense 37 minutes. We got in touch with them to ask them to explain what we’d just experienced.

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Future Hits 180: Halshug

August 7th, 2014

Halshug 1st promo photo Thrash Hits

From: Copenhagen, Denmark
Lazy equation: Doom (the band) if they were Danish and made a point of taking even less shit from idiots.
URLs: Facebook // Website // Bandcamp

If Greg Anderson – he of Goatsnake, Sunn O))), and co-founder of Southern Lord Records – listens to you EP and wants to sign you to his label, then our collective ears  here at Thrash Hits prick up and pay attention. That’s what happened earlier this year to Danish no-nonsense hardcore punks Halshug.  Just one spin of their Dödskontrol EP was enough to convince us to reach out to the trio to get a Future Hits interview sorted – this is brash, bold, and brutally effective stuff.

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