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Interview: Inside the mind of Jeff Tuttle (Malo Konjche, Old Gods, ex-Dillinger Escape Plan)

February 26th, 2015


We’ve been big fans of Jeff Tuttle ever since we first saw him practically challenge an entire venue for a fight, during The Dillinger Escape Plan’s quite-frankly-infamous two-shows-in-one-day showcase of Option Paralysis at. We were pretty bummed out when he announced his decision to leave one of Thrash Hits’ collectively favourite bands to concentrate on his filmmaking, but at the same time we were super excited about what possibilities that might bring. We caught up with Jeff to talk about his current musical projects – the noise beast that is Old Gods and the more-conventional (but no less kickass) Malo Konjche – as well as to pick his brain about his burgeoning career behind a camera lens.

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Interview: Tomas Lindberg from At The Gates on crafting the most anticipated album of 2014

November 13th, 2014

There’s no way around it – At The Gates releasing their first new material in over 18 years was a big deal. We sent Pete Long along to find out from Tomas Lindberg, the band’s frontman, just why it took so long.

Tomas Lindberg At The Gates Thrash Hits

When Tomas Lindberg talks about the “One thousand, two thousand people” waiting for At War With Reality, it seems he might be selling himself a little short. It’s not that he’s unaware of the affection that Slaughter of the Soul is held in, it’s just that nobody in At The Gates is the type of guy to spend too much time thinking about the album’s legacy. Considering the effects that the level of expectation could have had on them, it’s probably just as well.

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Interview: Two Hands, Rabbit’s Foot, and other strange tales of Turbowolf

October 28th, 2014

Turbowolf 2014 promo photo Thrash Hits

You should know the score about Turbowolf by now. We’ve been hollering their praises since before Thrash Hits was even conceived. Last weekend they debuted a new song – ‘Rabbit’s Foot’ – on the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show.They’ve finally gotten their second album – by the name of Two Hands – lined up to drop early next year. This week they’re tearing up the UK as main support on the first ever big UK tour by those possessors-of-a-UK-number-1-album, Royal Blood. Things are looking pretty damn exciting for team Turbowolf right now.

Being the fully-biased, ‘wolf superfans that we are, we had no shortage of questionsto ask the band’s vocalist Chris Georgiadis and guitarist Andy Ghosh to get the inside scoop on Two Hands.

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Interview: Nick Holmes on joining Bloodbath and replacing Mikael Åkerfeldt

October 25th, 2014


When Mikael Åkerfeldt announced his intention to step down as vocalist of Swedish death metal supergroup titans Bloodbath, we feared the worst. Sure, Åkerfeldt was done with the death growls and was happy wearing lots of corduroy and disappearing down the Prog hole, but the hole he left was still pretty bloody massive.

Then the news came out that his replacement was to be none other than Paradise Lost’s Nick Holmes. Suddenly we were more excited about Bloodbath than we thought it was possible to be. Anyone who has ever heard those early PL records knows just what Nick Holmes is capable of when it comes to harsh vocals – Grand Morbid Funeral shows us that he’s lost none of that rub come 2015. Which is why we got him on the phone and asked him to break down just how this whole wonderful hook-up came about.

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Interview: Raging Speedhorn – “We were young, we were dumb, we didn’t read contracts”

October 23rd, 2014

Raging Speedhorn 2014 promo photo Thrash Hits


Now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s be serious for a moment. We’re as indifferent and desensitised to news of yet-another-band-reunion as the next set of jaded metal bloggers, but the news earlier this year that Raging Speedhorn would be reforming to perform select festival dates (and as it later transpired, a tour too) triggered whatever spark of excitement that still manages to survive deep within our black, cynical hearts. This was one of the band that helped define out youth. This was the British band who bloody well took it to the world stage. This was our band.

So we got on the phone and interrogated John Loughlin, one of the band’s two terrifying vocalists, to get the inside scoop on what brought about this reformation.

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Interview: Black Moth on Condemned To Hope, British views of the occult, and marching into the abyss

September 19th, 2014

Black Moth 2014 A promo photo Thrash Hits

Black Moth’s new album, Condemned To Hope, is brilliant. With it, the Leeds/London split five-piece have smelted British doom metal traditions into something vibrant yet weighty, borne aloft on a spiders legs’ worth of hooks, taking in everything from grunge to The Cramps via midnight scuffles at the chip shop to undead psychedelic experiences. It’s one of our favourite albums of 2014, which is why we sat down for a lengthy chat with vocalist Harriet Bevan and guitarist Nico Carew to get deep down into the nitty-gritty of Condemned To Hope.

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Interview: Beastwars on New Zealand, reissues, and taking on torrenters one at a time

August 15th, 2014

Beastwars 2013 A promo photo Thrash Hits

New Zealand’s Beastwars are sadly under-appreciated outside of their own country. Everyone we know who has heard their gutsy mix of sludge and stoner metal has converted The band have just had both of their very fine albums  – 2011’s self-titled debut, and last year’s even-better Blood Becomes Fire – re-issued on some rather swanky coloured vinyl, which was enough of an excuse for us to make our man Rob McAuslan have a little chat with their drummer, Nathan Hickey (aka Nato), about the ins and outs of watching the opportunities to tour your album all over the world slip away one illegal album torrent at a time.

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Interview: God Damn on roots, riffs, rock and reality.

August 1st, 2014


When we first saw God Damn, they were a scrappy little threesome playing monster riffs in an upstairs room of an East London pub. We fell in love with them instantly, but we didn’t expect the “mainstream” world to embrace them quite so quickly. We were wrong.

That’s why we sat down with Thom Edwards and Ash Weaver to find out how they’re adapting to life and as two-piece, what the future holds for them now that they’re on a well-known and respectable label like One Little Indian, and whether or not they expected to get such a push making such megaton riffs.

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Interview: Sonisphere Festival promoter, Alan Day on Metallica, Glastonbury and cancelling a festival

June 4th, 2014

sonisphere festival 2014 knebworth park thrash hits july logo

Metallica are headlining the Sunday evening of Sonisphere Festival 2014 so Raziq Rauf took a few minutes to talk to festival booker, Alan Day about the metal legends, the cancelled event of 2012 and what to look out for at Knebworth this year. You can also WIN a pair of Sonisphere tickets and a goody bag. Decent.

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