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Label Profile 010: Heavy Wax

February 18th, 2015


Yes, this is a MASSIVE fudge. Heavy Wax aren’t a label. They’re a shop. They’re not even a real physical shop. Heavy Wax is an online vinyl-only music shop founded last year, run by Nathan “Barley” “also-runs-Basick-Records” Phillips. We figured it was a good idea to grill the brains of the Basick Bossman as to why he’s gotten into the physical end of the musical business chain, and we’ll be damned if we can’t ham-fistedly fudge this into our ongoing Label Profile series because of it.

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Label Profile 009: Kscope

December 18th, 2013

Kscope logo Thrash Hits

This year, the UK’s – and in all probability, probably the world’s – best experimental/post-progressive/whatever-you-want-to-call-it label, KScope, turned five years old. That’s how old Thrash Hits is. They’ve put out a whole heap of awesome records by musicians we collectively love – the likes of Anathema, Amplifier, and Steven Wilson. They’re a bona fide success story and you really ought to be more aware of what they get up to. That’s why we’ve caught up with label bossman, Johnny Wilks, to talk about the highs and lows of running the label in the latest entry in our Label Profile series.

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Label Profile 008: Pest Productions

October 30th, 2013

Pest Productions Logo Thrash Hits

Ever since Tom Dare swanned out of our lives and back into the editorial fold over at Terrorizer, we’ve had a bit of a black metal-shaped hole in our coverage here at Thrash Hits. That’s why we asked prolific scribe Cheryl Carter, she of Metal Hammer magazine, Cvlt Nation, Scene Point Blank, and her own website, Bleak Metal, if she fancied writing a few words for us on a black metal topic of her choice…

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Label Profile 007: No Rest Until Ruin

September 5th, 2013

No Rest Until Ruin Thrash Hits

If you’ve read Thrash Hits for any length of time, you’ll know we bloody love The Armed: the loudest, nastiest, most badass band out of Detroit that your poser mates down the pub have never heard of, who’ve released everything they’ve ever recorded as totally free downloads. Well, they’ve only gone and formed themselves a super DIY label, haven’t they? No Rest Until Ruin is now the home of The Armed, Old Gods, and Nice Hooves – and you’d be wise to get familiar with those bands if you’re not already. We dropped an email to Tony Wolski, one of the men behind the label, to find out what’s been stirring in Michigan these last few months…  [Read more →]

Label Profile 006: Flatpack Recordings

July 2nd, 2013

Flatpack Recordings Thrash Hits

We put a lot of time and effort into our Future Hits column here at Thrash Hits. We don’t just churn it out and bung any old band we happen to stumble upon into it. So when a few bands from the same young(ish) label start appearing on our radar, then we know that label is one worth paying attention to. After both Polio and Bloody Mammals appeared in the column, we knew that Flatpack Recordings was one such label. We fired an email over to label head honcho,  James Moodie, to get the inside scoop on another of London’s up-and-coming labels.

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Label Profile 005: Shelsmusic

May 27th, 2013

shels floral logo mehdi safa thrash hits

We’ve always had a soft spot for labels who think differently. Shelsmusic – born in the UK, bred in California – has made its name on atmosphere, from tremulous folk and consciousness-expanding walls of sound, to muscle-shredding, gut-pounding metal. Albums from artists as diverse as Black Sheep Wall and Ancients make regular dents our end of year top tens. In recent months, they’ve not only expanded into production, through their Purple Buffalo Studios, but to mark their 10th anniversary, they’re re-releasing Mahumodo’s cult record Waves on vinyl. High time to catch up with label head and *shels frontman Mehdi Safa, we reckoned…

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Label Profile 004: New Heavy Sounds

April 15th, 2013

New Heavy Sounds logo Thrash Hits

New Heavy Sounds is a label we’ve been meaning to feature as part of our label profile for some time now. Quite literally three-quarters of the label’s roster have appeared in our Future Hits column at some point – that, ladies and gentlemen, is a very impressive hit-rate. We caught up with one half of the label’s co-flunders, Ged Murphy, to discuss the ins and outs of being a label specialising in new, up-and-coming British bands.

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Label Profile 003: Witch Hunter Records

February 22nd, 2013

Witch Hunter Records logo Thrash Hits

In our ongoing mission to shout about some of our favourite-but-unappreciated labels in the UK, it was inevitable that our wandering eye would end up focussing on Nottingham. While also the birthplace of Earache Records, it’s certainly not the only label dealing in heavy music that has its roots in the city – one other being Witch Hunter Records. Several of our past Future Hits subjects – including Limb, End Reign, and Prelude To The Hunt – have had releases on the label, which specialises in the kind of nasty underground sludge, doom and hardcore that we like best, so it was inevitable we’d end up getting in contact with the label founder, Chris Kaye, to get the inside scoop on his gloriously nasty little label.

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Label Profile 002: Church of Fuck

November 19th, 2012

Church Of Fuck logo Thrash Hits

When we first heard of Church Of Fuck, we had a bit of chuckle. Then we looked at what kind of records they were releasing – dirty, ugly, crusty grind and metal, including several who we’ve raved about in the past – we stopped chuckling and just started grinning. A big, fat, these-bands-are-heavy-and-evil-and-we-love-it kind of grin. And once we’d gotten over that, we realised that Church Of Fuck was the perfect label for us to bring back out long, long, long-neglected Label Profile column. We dropped an line to Oliver Goodland, the man in charge, to get the inside story on the label so far…

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Label Profile 001: Basick Records

September 20th, 2010

basick records logo thrash hits 2010

There are some really cool record labels around so we thought we’d start talking about and talking to a few of them. Seeing as Basick Records are celebrating their 5th birthday this weekend with a free gig in Luton, we decided to talk to label boss and general awesome guy, Nathan “Barley” Phillips. In return, he sent us a naked photo of himself…

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