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The Thrash Hits Cloudcast 010: 23-29 September 2013

September 24th, 2013


Gavin Lloyd joins us again for this week’s Cloudcast, where we forgo talking about tours and gigs to just talk about records coming out this week, starting off with some post-UKSWELL (end us now, we have become Those Guys who just make up genres), and swinging all the way through to tough-guy nu-metalcore and ending with a bit of classic grunge. Yep.

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The Thrash Hits Cloudcast 006: 12-18 August 2013

August 13th, 2013

Thrash Hits on Mixcloud 006

This week sees Thrash Hits scribe and all-round Ronnie Radke fanboy, Gavin Lloyd, joins Hugh to talk up the week’s best new releases and the tours taking place over the next seven days. Only…err…there aren’t many decent releases this week so they jus stuck to waxing lyrical about gigs, tours and shows.

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The Thrash Hits Cloudcast 005: 05-11 August 2013

August 7th, 2013

Thrash Hits Cloudcast 005

In this week’s Cloudcast, Hugh’s recording solo is what appears to be an underground cavern – get your goddamn reverb sorted out, Hugh! Anyway, once again we’re running through some of our favourite tracks from the albums getting released this week, and close the show with a triple-bill of tracks from the headline acts from Bloodstock Open Air 2013, which is taking place this weekend.

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The Thrash Hits Cloudcast 004: 29 July – 04 August 2013

July 31st, 2013

Thrash Hits Cloudcast 004

In this week’s Cloudcast, our entire editorial team in on the mic as Hugh is joined by Raz to talk about some of the best (and in fact, also worst) albums getting released this week, as some outright classic tracks from some of the biggest bands playing shows across the UK over the next seven days.

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The Thrash Hits Podcast 031: Milking controversy for cheap website hits

July 24th, 2013

Thrash Hits Podcast 031

We’re back to normal podcasts now, and this week Hugh is joined by Tom Doyle to talk about just what it is behind controversial – but not necessarily “metal” – news stories that gets metal musicians, the metal media, and metal fans so worked up. Come listen to Tom Doyle’s well thought out points, and marvel at the arrogance and irony of Hugh decrying sensationalist media using unrelated news stories to sell copies/get site hits, when we’re pretty much doing exactly that with this podcast.

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