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YouTube – this is where Thrash Hits TV lives
Metal Injection – keep watching us – watch us again
Foursquare – stalk us at our favourite drinking dens
Soundcloud – listen to this – listen to this too
Myspace – we have the best hero

Avangelist Photography – Andy Parker takes photos
Ben Gibson – we make him take photos for us
Inventory Photo – Gary Wolstenholme: takes photos; drinks Jager
Paul Caudell – photos for us, DJ’ing for TotalRock
Drowned in Sound – they don’t like us over there
The Quietus – our big brother

Blabbermouth – really bloody comprehensive news
Decibel – the best American metal mag going
Grind To Death – does exactly what it says on the tin
Metal Insider – taking a long hard look at the industry
Scuzz TV – the best metal TV station
Stuff You Will Hate – Sergeant D is funnier than everyone else

Basick Records – British prog metal
Earache Records – really metal metal
The End Records – a mix of metal
EyesOfSound – because your record collection needs weirding up
Fear & Records – arty indie shit but it’s cool
Hassle Records – punk rock to the max
Holy Roar – hardcore’n’that
Listenable Records – this is the home of Gojira
Metal Blade – metalcore
Nuclear Blast Records – euro metal
Roadrunner Records – more metal, please
Seasons of Mist – terrible website of the exceptional French label
Spinefarm Records – Finnish metal FTW
Tangled Talk – more awesome UKHC
Victory Records – emos everywhere
Visible Noise – British heavyweights

Cool stuff
Crobar – we drink here… too much
Salty Rockz – the best place to get your heavy metal t-shirts
Spotify – you’ll need this to listen to our Slaylists


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