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If You JOIN One Thing This Week: Holy Roar Records’ Club(s)

March 24th, 2015

Holy Roar Records Thrash Hits

We started this column with the sole intention of getting you, our dear readers, to buy more music, and to buy more good music at that. And there’s no denying that London-based label Holy Roar Records has been responsible for an absolute shitload of good music over the last nearly-nine years or so. So now that the label has launched a pair of subscription clubs to help you get more of their music quicker, easier, and cheaper…well, we’d be fools not to feature it in this column, wouldn’t we?

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Future Hits 193: Ghold

March 20th, 2015

Ghold by Daniel Ali -

From: London (via Leeds and Oxford), UK
Lazy equation: Fog and smoke and death and heat haze.
URLs: Website // Facebook // Bandcamp

We first saw Ghold in the back room of a filthy pub in Hackney. Their instruments kept breaking, the room was full of smoke, and we had so many ciders we were nearly sick on the nightbus afterwards. Waking up the next day, we had a terrible headache but we willingly bombarded it with the powerful, unrelenting marriage of doom, drone, and naked power that was every Ghold track we could glean off the internet. With their new album In Ruin just released, we pinned the duo down for a Future Hits interrogation.

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Doom Metal Monthly with Pete Long – March 2015

March 17th, 2015

Crypt Sermon - Doom Metal Monthly with Pete Long

Given that Doom Metal (or should that be DOOM METAL ? It feels like it has earned the right to be in ALL-CAPS) has pretty much more right than any other subgenre to claim it is the “original” form of heavy metal, it seemed kind of remiss that we didn’t have a column dedicated specifically to it. Until now – step forward, Pete Long….

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If You Buy One Thing This Week: KTHEAT by FACT

March 16th, 2015

If You Buy One Thing This Week, make it KTHEAT by FACT

Our boy in Japan, Adam Graham, is a long-time friend of Thrash Hits. FACT, the band that he provides guitar/vocals/beards for have a new album out, so we’d be pretty shitty if we didn’t reciprocate that friends and make it our pick for If You Buy One Thing This Week. It’s called KTHEAT and it certainly doesn’t hurt matters that it’s a bloody awesome record.

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Future Hits 192: Thought Forms

March 6th, 2015


Thought Forms
From: Wiltshire, UK
Lazy equation: Aberrant soundscape-y grungy noisiness + annoying members of the Royal Family.
URLs: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp

Having just completed a wildly successful UK tour in support of rising stars Marmozets, as well previously bagging slots alongside Portishead and 65daysofstatic, Thought Forms’  mix of intense fuzziness, pedal-worshipping guitar histrionics and sparse, ethereal vocals is the sound of a band you didn’t know you needed to hear (unless you happen to be Prince Philip, as they found out…). We caught up with guitarist and co-vocalist Charlie Romijn to find out what drives their challenging sound.

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Black Metal Monthly with Cheryl Carter – February 2015

March 5th, 2015

Voices promo photo Thrash Hits

A lot has happened in the world of Black Metal since our resident Black Metal Expert Cheryl Carter’s last column, and there’s never enough room to talk about it all. Curse those bloody word limits / the internet’s embarrassingly short collective attention span. Whatever. Here are the 6 things that Cheryl thinks are worth your time and interest in Black Metal right now.

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Interview: Inside the mind of Jeff Tuttle (Malo Konjche, Old Gods, ex-Dillinger Escape Plan)

February 26th, 2015


We’ve been big fans of Jeff Tuttle ever since we first saw him practically challenge an entire venue for a fight, during The Dillinger Escape Plan’s quite-frankly-infamous two-shows-in-one-day showcase of Option Paralysis at. We were pretty bummed out when he announced his decision to leave one of Thrash Hits’ collectively favourite bands to concentrate on his filmmaking, but at the same time we were super excited about what possibilities that might bring. We caught up with Jeff to talk about his current musical projects – the noise beast that is Old Gods and the more-conventional (but no less kickass) Malo Konjche – as well as to pick his brain about his burgeoning career behind a camera lens.

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Future Hits 191: Press To MECO

February 24th, 2015

Future Hits 191: Press To MECO

Press To MECO
From: Crawley/Croydon, UK
Lazy equation: Fall Out Boy if their favourite album was Chaosphere.
URLs: Website // Facebook // Twitter

“Whether I feel like writing something that sounds like Taylor Swift or Dillinger Escape Plan and Meshuggah – that’s what comes out…we’ll find a way to make it work” – that’s how Press To MECO vocalist/guitarist Luke Caley. O-kaaay. Then again, given their extensive UK touring and the fact they bagged an opening slot on the Zippo Encore stage at last year’s Download Festival, it’s clear that PTM’s bizarre amalgam is resonating with plenty of the UK’s rock fans. We decided to get Caley on the phone to find out just what the hell they’re playing at.

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