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Interview: Inside the mind of Jeff Tuttle (Malo Konjche, Old Gods, ex-Dillinger Escape Plan)

February 26th, 2015


We’ve been big fans of Jeff Tuttle ever since we first saw him practically challenge an entire venue for a fight, during The Dillinger Escape Plan’s quite-frankly-infamous two-shows-in-one-day showcase of Option Paralysis at. We were pretty bummed out when he announced his decision to leave one of Thrash Hits’ collectively favourite bands to concentrate on his filmmaking, but at the same time we were super excited about what possibilities that might bring. We caught up with Jeff to talk about his current musical projects – the noise beast that is Old Gods and the more-conventional (but no less kickass) Malo Konjche - as well as to pick his brain about his burgeoning career behind a camera lens.

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Future Hits 191: Press To MECO

February 24th, 2015

Future Hits 191: Press To MECO

Press To MECO
From: Crawley/Croydon, UK
Lazy equation: Fall Out Boy if their favourite album was Chaosphere.
URLs: Website // Facebook // Twitter

“Whether I feel like writing something that sounds like Taylor Swift or Dillinger Escape Plan and Meshuggah – that’s what comes out…we’ll find a way to make it work” – that’s how Press To MECO vocalist/guitarist Luke Caley. O-kaaay. Then again, given their extensive UK touring and the fact they bagged an opening slot on the Zippo Encore stage at last year’s Download Festival, it’s clear that PTM’s bizarre amalgam is resonating with plenty of the UK’s rock fans. We decided to get Caley on the phone to find out just what the hell they’re playing at.

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The Month in M0sh with Gavin Lloyd – Jan/Feb 2015

February 23rd, 2015

LOL fucking Tom Delonge

Today we welcome Gavin Lloyd back for his column on pop-punk, nu-metal, metalcore, and anything other microgenre you were into as a teenager that you’re secretly not nearly as embarrassed about as you like to make out you are on social media.

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Label Profile 010: Heavy Wax

February 18th, 2015


Yes, this is a MASSIVE fudge. Heavy Wax aren’t a label. They’re a shop. They’re not even a real physical shop. Heavy Wax is an online vinyl-only music shop founded last year, run by Nathan “Barley” “also-runs-Basick-Records” Phillips. We figured it was a good idea to grill the brains of the Basick Bossman as to why he’s gotten into the physical end of the musical business chain, and we’ll be damned if we can’t ham-fistedly fudge this into our ongoing Label Profile series because of it.

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If You Buy One Thing This Week: pre-order Halfway To Hell by Raging Speedhorn

February 17th, 2015

If You Buy One Thing This Week, make it a pre-order of THE NEW SONG BY RAGING SPEEDHORN

We bloody love Raging Speedhorn. After they confirmed of their reformation pretty much exactly a year ago, we made sure that we managed to see them play live three times. They were bloody brilliant every time. The third time was at the Borderline here in London, where the band revealed they were working on new material by slotting a new song, ‘Halfway To Hell’, into their live set. Now the Corby six-piece have confirmed the release of this new song, you can bet your last dollar that this is our pick for If You Buy One Thing This Week.

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The Month in Prog with David Keevill – Jan/Feb 2015

February 12th, 2015

Torche 2015 promo photo B Thrash Hits

After their brief but well-deserved Winter hibernation, we’ve finally gotten round to poking our columnists back to consciousness and then to their keyboards so they can bang out some more monthly missives for us on their respective corners of the rock and metal pantheon. First up is David Keevill, who returns with to take a long hard look at what’s been going on in Prog so far this year…

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Future Hits 190: Artemis

February 11th, 2015

Future Hits 190: Arthemis

From: Basingstoke, UK
Lazy equation: UK beatdown hardcore writing a secret love note to DEP.
URLs: Website // Facebook // Twitter

Not to be confused with the naff Italian metal band of almost the same name, Basingstoke’s Artemis are a growly blend of the kind of ever-so-slightly-wonky math-y, hardcore-y, doesn’t-really-fit-that-well-into-nice-compartmentally-definable-genre-y thing that we really, really like here at Thrash Hits. We shouted a loud of questions at them via email.

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If You Buy One Thing This Week: Swell by Drug Church

February 10th, 2015

If You Buy One Thing This Week, make it Swell by Drug Church

We’re pretty big marks for anything and everything to do with Self Defense Family, aka the band that End Of A Year became. We’ve espoused the joy that is Overnight Drive, the podcast made by current and former members of the band. And this week, we’re listening an awful lot to Swell, the new EP from SDF frontman Patrick Kindlon’s side-project, Drug Church. We think you ought to be doing just that too.

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Photos: Neck Deep @ Brighton Conchorde 2 – 05 February 2015

February 9th, 2015

Neck Deep live by Mike Burnell Thrash Hits

Neck Deep are one of those bands who seem to have everything coming to an exciting head all at once. Despite spending much of 2014 on the road, they still managed to win a K! Award for Best Newcomer, and support Blink 182 at their Brixton Academy shows. Now every man and his hype-chasing dog are on their case. Well played, lads from Wrexham.

So natuarally, we made sure our man Mike Burnell was on hand to get lots of photos of them when the band turned up to play a show in Brighton last week. We don’t stop chasing those web clicks!

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