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A Flash Flood Of Colour

Enter Shikari: Could the UK’s biggest punk band get to #1 this Sunday? We think they should

January 20th, 2012

It’s Friday afternoon and Enter Shikari are currently in the lead for the race to top the UK Album Chart this week. Tom Doyle explains why we need A Flash Flood of Colour to reach #1.

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“You’re a Communist, you’re a fucking Utopianist. Ah, here come the immersive labels.”

These are words spit out by Rou Reynolds on ‘Gandhi mate, Gandhi,’ the track that led the charge of Enter Shikari’s third studio full length A Flash Flood of Colour. It’s an outtake that demonstrates an acute self-awareness that you suspect many 26-year-olds in chart bothering acts lack. Y’see, once you’ve been labelled a political band, it’s a hard straitjacket to wriggle free from and how best to deploy their burgeoning sense of social injustice seems to have been a question in the minds of Shikari, and chief lyricist Reynolds since they burst onto the scene in 2005 backed by the most clamorous wave of hype that many of us could ever remember.

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Album: Enter Shikari – A Flash Flood Of Colour

January 16th, 2012

enter shikari 2011 band promo photo thrash hits

Enter Shikari
A Flash Flood Of Colour
Ambush Reality
16 January 2012

by Raziq Rauf

You don’t like Enter Shikari. It sounds like a mess. What exactly is this music? Is it dance? Hardcore? Emo? Neither? What? Yeah, that’s right. You sound like your dad.

The problem you’re having is that Enter Shikari are absolutely the band of the now. They have been ever since they first broke through in 2007 with Take To The Skies, chock full of great tunes, thunderous riffs, emo stylings and seemingly misplaced trance and rave layerings. But just think about how many more Enter Shikaris there are clogging up the UK’s toilet venues now. This is the band all those bands want to be and hopefully this, their third album, will inspire a whole other legion of bands

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