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Album: Billy Talent – Billy Talent III

July 8th, 2009

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Billy Talent
Billy Talent III
Atlantic Records
13 July 2009

by Stephen Milnes

This month sees the release of yet another eponymous offering from Canadian punk rock outfit Billy Talent. No seriously, they’re still going. That band from college with the guy who’s got a bit of a weird voice and songs that all sound pretty much the same? Yeah, the ones you pretended not to like but secretly did. Them.

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Album: Steadlür – Steadlür

May 26th, 2009

steadlur roadrunner thrash hits 2009 band promo photo

Roadrunner Records
18 May 2009

by Ryan Williams

Kicking off with the sound of someone else’s motorcycle starting and a noodling riff stolen from the ‘80s leading into Sebastian Bach’s long-disowned son shouting some crap about screaming like a demon and crawling on the ceiling, Atlanta, Georgia’s Steadlür set the tone for their album perfectly.

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Album: Kylesa – Static Tensions

April 24th, 2009

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Static Tensions
Prosthetic Records
09 March 2009

by Sophia Murray

In a scene that is currently being almost burnt out by a barrage of bands attempting to shred, thrash and scream-core their way into the shallows of notoriety, there are few bands like Kylesa. Rising from the ashes of this sort of despair is the quirky, avant-garde creativity of Static Tensions.

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Album: A Day To Remember – Homesick

February 7th, 2009

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A Day To Remember
Victory Records
02 February 2009

by Mischa Pearlman

“It’s not easy making a name for yourself.” So states the opening line of ‘The Downfall Of Us All’, the first song on A Day To Remember’s second album. Of course, it helps a little if you record a rocked-up version of a massively popular song (in their case, Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since U Been Gone’) and inject it into general public’s consciousness.

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Album: Sirenia – The 13th Floor

January 14th, 2009

sirenia 2008 thrash hits nuclear blast

The 13th Floor
Nuclear Blast
23 January 2009

by Jerry Ewing

If you listen to Morten Veland, the brains and driving force behind this Norwegian symphonic metal gang, he’ll bang on at length about how unfair it is that Sirenia’s fourth album, The 13th Floor will be viewed by many as a work riding in on the coat tails of the likes of Nightwish, Within Temptation and Lacuna Coil. And that how he formed the similar Tristania (for whom he sang, played guitar and wrote most of the music and lyrics) at the same time as most of the aforementioned started, even if he was unceremoniously dumped from their ranks to breath life into Sirenia in 2001.

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Album: The Bronx – The Bronx (III)

November 4th, 2008

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The Bronx
The Bronx (III)
10 November 2008
Wichita Recordings

by Danny Montana

The Bronx stick an extra couple of Xs on the end of their name most times. I reckon they’re kisses because you just can’t help loving this band.

This is the third self-titled album and it explodes with riff-rolling lead single, ‘Knifeman’. It seems like Matt Caughthran still has the angry bug, reeling off diatribes about the apathetic lives that litter our youth. It’s fair.

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Album: You Me At Six – Take Off Your Colours

October 6th, 2008

You Me At Six Josh Francheschi Thrash Hits yma6 youmeatsix

You Me At Six
Take Off Your Colours
Slam Dunk Records
06 October 2008

by Mischa Pearlman

Weybridge quintet You Me At Six (or, depending how MySpace you’re feeling, youmeatsix) are most definitely a product of their times.

When emo has become the new chav, and when today’s undemanding pop audiences eschew any depth or feeling in the music they listen to for a self-indulgent fetishism of laboured hairstyles and bands as banal and limpid as Bryan Adams’ recent back catalogue, You Me At Six are the perfect poster boys for their so-called scene.

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Album: Bring Me The Horizon – Suicide Season

October 3rd, 2008

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Bring Me The Horizon
Suicide Season
Visible Noise
29 September 2008

by Ryan Williams

A lot has happened since 2006’s debut, Count Your Blessings, Bring Me The Horizon and little of it has helped people get away from the thinking that this band talks it better than they walk it.

A couple of listens of Suicide Season will change a lot of those belligerent minds. You won’t believe your ears.

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EP: The Comanche Cipher – Ludovico Technique

August 14th, 2008

the comanche cypher band thrash hits

The Comanche Cipher
Ludovico Technique EP
Basick Records

by Jack Pitt

With a market saturated with a wealth of similar sounding metallic hardcore bands, to really justify attention a band must possess a distinct sound that makes them stand out from the also-rans. On the evidence of this debut EP, do The Comanche Cipher have it? Not really.

That’s not to say this is a bad EP by any stretch of the imagination, and it’s not to say they are without potential either. The band clearly have an ear for an effective hook and chugging riffs, and are technically proficient and polished, but its all been done before, and it’s been done better.

Dillinger-esque time changes are utilised well, but these songs just draw heavily from acts like Architects and Poison the Well. That’s not a bad thing as such and if you are a fan of such bands, there will be enough to keep you occupied for sure, but it’s certainly not original and lacks the spark that will keep you going back to it.

The Comanche Cipher Ludovico technique packshot

Standout track ‘Fall Of The Beloved’ hints at an ability to do something more, but the tracks are too derivative at the moment to really make you sit up and take notice. It just sounds like there something lacking, and leaves you hoping for something extra.

With metal influenced hardcore bands such as Converge still putting on blistering live shows, and metalcore legends Shai Hulud, also releasing a new effort, there’s still evidence that metallic hardcore can be innovative, and can be fresh.

It is of course harsh to expect such stellar standards from complete newcomers, but if the Comanche Cipher are to do something of note, they need to create a more distinct sound, and be unafraid to experiment, and to innovate. It’s what this scene is crying out for.


Ludovico Technique by The Comanche Cipher is released on 18 August 2008 on Basick Records

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