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Like bands? Watch them in London pubs with help from Thrash Hits on Foursquare

February 9th, 2011

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You may have seen our article harping on about being a partner on Foursquare. It’s good. It’s already shown us that we go to the Crobar too often but because of that, we did our first Heavy Metal Tourism guide to London and we based it all on this fair city’s watering holes.

Next up? You’ve done drinking, so now it’s time to go see some bands. We’re not going to tell you to go to Brixton Academy or Wembley Arena. That’s obvious. You know that stuff already. The smaller places, however, might be news to you so here are a bunch of awesome pubs and bars in London which also have bands playing. You can also get drunk in them, FYI.

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Heavy Metal Tourist? Drink in London with help from Thrash Hits on Foursquare

January 25th, 2011

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You may have seen our last article harping on about being a partner on Foursquare. It’s good. It’s already shown us that we go to the Crobar too often.

We thought we’d start being helpful by collating a few of our favourite tips for you to get you going. Seeing as it’s January and we’re a bit contrary, Team Thrash Hits is on a retox. That involves getting really, really drunk because there aren’t that many gigs on. Here are our favourite places to do such things without the botheration of concentrating on heavy metal and drinking. First tip? Crobar.

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Want to know the Heavy Metal landmarks in London? Check out Thrash Hits on Foursquare

January 24th, 2011

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As you probably know by now Thrash Hits and all that sail in her do their thing in London. We go to gigs, we get drunk, we go on heavy metal pilgrimages, we get drunk again. It’s a constant. This is why we reckon we’re in the best position to help you find all the Heavy Metal highlights in the city we call home.

The awesome people at location-based social network, Foursquare agreed and have made us one of their brand partners. You should go and check out our page on Foursquare, become our friend (we’ve already got >400 but we want MORE!) and go follow our tips. You will (probably) not be sorry.

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Album: Mötley Crüe – Dr. Feelgood: Deluxe Edition

September 22nd, 2009

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Mötley Crüe
Dr. Feelgood – Deluxe Edition
Universal Records
21 September 2009

by Luke Morton

With all that’s been said about Mötley Crüe over the years, from the debauchery and drug abuse to the rifts between band members, the music has stayed the same and the band have produced some of the biggest rock anthems of all time. A collection of these are showcased in the 1989 LP Dr. Feelgood which has been revamped into a deluxe edition 20 years after its initial release.

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Interview: Mastodon’s Bill Kelliher – “You’ve got be hip without trying to act hip.”

March 16th, 2009

In this second part of the interview with Bill Kelliher of Mastodon, we talk about their forthcoming fourth album, Crack The Skye, staying hip and making sure his kids learn to swim. Bill also explains his wonderful current state of facial hair

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This is the longest the band has been without releasing a new record. What have you been doing?

“We’ve never had this much time off touring before. Normally we’ll just take two months off to write and record but this time we took a whole year. I bought a bunch of microphones and we got an eight-track recorder for our rehearsal space and we started plugging away riffs and writing skeleton songs with drums and guitars. We even started adding some vocals. We’ve never done stuff like that before.”

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Interview: Mastodon’s Bill Kelliher – “I’ve been sober for four months.”

March 9th, 2009

Ahead of the release of Mastodon’s fourth album, Crack The Skye, Raziq Rauf caught up with guitarist Bill Kelliher for a chat. In this first part he spoke of his 2008 hospitalisation and he gave us a lovely Sonisphere exclusive.

mastodon crack the skye 2009 band thrash hits promo photo

You’ve been announced as part of the fantastic Sonisphere lineup. Are you planning anything special?

“We got to meet Scott Gorham from Thin Lizzy and he was one of the coolest fucking guys I’ve ever met – we just joked around and talked shit. Brent and I picked up acoustic guitars with Scott and we played ‘The Emerald’ together and it was great. He even gave me his email! We were talking about having him onstage to play with us at Knebworth and we’ll play ‘The Emerald’. We’ll have three guitar solos from three different guitar players up there and we’ll extend it. He seemed joyous about it.”

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Sign: Heavier than getting drunk and partying

June 24th, 2008

Sign have just performed on the Main Stage at Download Festival. Danny Montana talks to Zolberg from the Icelandic five-piece about their new album and his new lifestyle.

Sign Iceland Thrash Hits

If you’ve been to any rock festivals the last couple of years, you may have spotted a bunch of black-clad teens (yes, I know, there are a few knocking around there) with the Sign insignia emblazoned across their tshirts. That is The Sign Army.

“We have a really strong fanbase now,” smiles Zolberg, Sign’s 21 year old frontman and founder (picture, below). Indeed, that fanbase was seen filling the front rows at Download Festival 2008, singing the words back to every single song.

Over the past couple of years, Sign – completed by AD (guitar), Eagle (drums), Heimir (bass) and recent addition Aggi (guitar and keyboards) – have supported the likes of Wednesday 13 and The Wildhearts as well as hard rock heroes such as Whitesnake, Alice Cooper and Skid Row in their Icelandic homeland, as well as releasing two albums.

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Their first English-language album, 2005’s Thank God For Silence was their third full-length and the band wrote and recorded it all themselves. “We decided that we wanted to bring the ‘80s and glam parties back into the metal world. We were so young and it was really hard,” Zolberg explains. “That was when we learnt how to do it.”

They took the same insular approach to recording this year’s opus, The Hope but the results were much different. “This time around there were no rules and we knew our way around the studio,” Zolberg smiles.

The Hope is a much heavier affair and this direction is much to do with Zolberg’s new-found sobriety. “I’m the kind of person that just can’t drink,” Zolberg says matter-of-factly. “I’ve woken up regretting things and with twisted ankles. When I’m really drunk, I can’t even look into a mirror because the person looking back scares me.”

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He claims it is a permanent move and that he sees a brighter future without alcohol in his life both personally and for the band. “When I’m sober and focused, I feel like I am the show,” Zolberg says intensely. “I have no fear about going onstage; I find it easier and have more control over my thoughts and my voice now. I suppose it’s like theatre in some ways.”

Thank God… was about getting drunk and partying. Singing those songs isn’t that easy any more because I can’t connect to them the way I used to,” he rues. “This album is about rising above all your naivety and gaining your purpose in life.”

The Hope definitely is a heavier album,” Zolberg says, nodding. “The Hope is about rebirth and that’s much heavier than partying.”

The Hope by Sign is out now on R&R Records
Photo of Zolberg by Abbi London

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