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Future Hits 124: American Standards

October 3rd, 2012

American Standards promo photo Thrash Hits

American Standards
From: Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
Lazy equation: (The Chariot – optimism) x Glassjaw covering El Diablo-era Will Haven
URL: Facebook / Bandcamp / Soundcloud

Thrash Hits verdict: We first heard about American Standards thanks to a minor bit of Twitter buzz we caught wind of around the release of their Still Life EP earlier this year. It ticked a staggering number of our musical boxes, with us being able to hear shades of an impressive number of post-hardcore and screamo bands that characterised much of our listening habits throughout our pitiful, frustrated youth. We dropped an email to the band’s vocalist, Brandon Kellum, for the latest inductees to the (semi-) illustrious ranks of bands featured in our Future Hits column.

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Top 6… Things Tool Have Been Up To Instead Of Working On Their New Album

July 24th, 2012

Tool promo photo Thrash Hits

On 23 May 2011, grizzled dowsers of internet gossip felt a sharp tug from the direction of the Tool Newsletter, through which the band’s official website manager, Blair McKenzie Blake, put out the following missive:

“No matter how many new TOOL tunes are currently complete, I will personally guarantee that the new CD will be released on MAY 22, 2012 (or MAY 15, 2012).”

And lo, the internets did a crazy. Even though said-same announcement also claimed that those dates came second-hand via trance-contact (which was written down on a scratch pad) from an interplanetary avatar (and sector commander) named ZEMKLA JR..“, and this confirmation this was a joke three days later on the same site, it still sent Tool fans across the globe into a bit of a state. Well, it’s been fourteen months since that sticky leaf of disinformation was flapped around, and it’s now 6 years (and counting) since 10,000 Days. Just what in the Hell have Tool been up to all this time? We charged Ruth Booth with the task of finding out.

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Future Hits 037: Rising Pain

June 30th, 2009

We can’t remember who recommended Arizona death-thrashers Rising Pain to us, but whoever did – we owe them a beer. We challenged guitarist Ricky Racines to step up to our Future Hits interrogation…

Rising Pain Thrash Hits promo photo

From: Arizona, USA
Sounds like: old-skool Machine Head, Misery Index, the crunch of breaking bones

Thrash Hits verdict: Arizona has thrown up some badass metal in the last few years. While bands like Job For A Cowboy are the face of the movement, it’s bands like Rising Pain that make up the real bones and the blood of the scene. They’re also pretty useful to have on hand if you fancy taking a trip down Mexico-way…

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