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Sunday Slaylist: Earache’s Metalizer Spotify App

January 27th, 2013

Earache Spotify Metalizer Thrash Hits

The thing about all the ways that it’s possible to listen to music these days is the paralysis of too much choice. We turn on Spotify some mornings and we’re just overawed by the vast amount of music we can listen to. We bet a bloody great number of you have exactly the same problem – that’s why you come and check out our curated Slaylists, right? They’re the kind of thing that gives you just enough of a nudge to listen to new or unexpected things, right?

Well, it seems Earache Records think that too, as this week they launched a bloody marvellous Spotify App by the name of the Metalizer.

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Interview: Dommin – “Black goes with everything.”

April 10th, 2010

Dommin are making plenty of friends in the UK so we thought we’d ask lead singer and the man the band was named after a few puzzling questions. His name? Kristofer Dommin and he’d love to play with Jared Leto’s massive band.

Dommin band promo photo roadrunner records thrash hits sonisphere download

You have cultivated quite the quiff there. Any tips on sculpting the ultimate quiff?
Quiff, is that a hair term? No, I’ve got no tips. I’m still trying to get my own hair right.

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