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Is Wintersun’s new album the most important metal release of 2012?

November 26th, 2012

Thrash​ Hits’ resident Euro metal geek ​Tom Dare​ ​is having great fun with the long, long, long-awaited second album from Finnish widdlers ​Wintersun​. But he thinks it’s much more than that – he thinks it’s a landmark.

Wintersun promo photo 2012 Thrash Hits

When Wintersun announced back in 2006 that work  composing album number two was underway, hopes were high. But as the years rolled by, Time seemingly joined the likes of Chinese Democracy and the mythical third Necrophagist record in the “when hell freezes over”-stakes when it came to a realistic ETA, fears increased. “Were they polishing a turd?”, we wondered. Had they been far too ambitious for their own good? So what a shock it was when Time I finally arrived, not just seriously good, but as one of the most important metal releases of its generation. [Read more →]


Album: Blind Guardian – At The Edge Of Time

August 6th, 2010

Blind Guardian
At The Edge Of Time
Nuclear Blast
30 July 2010

by Tom Dare

That’s it. It’s all over. Listening to At The Edge Of Time is like watching Usain Bolt run the 100 metres- it doesn’t just beat its rivals, it crushes them with enough time to spare for a quick pint and a cheeky cigarette. Just as you will not beat Bolt at what he does best, you will not beat Blind Guardian at what they do.

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