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Tits @ Download Festival 2013

June 20th, 2013

After a weekend of watching bands at Download Festival, Tom Doyle returned to his 9-5 in London feeling more than a little uncomfortable. What was the matter, though? Tits. Boobies. Breasts. And booing.

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We are now firmly in the aftermath of last weekend’s Download Festival and while heads and limbs may now finally be recovering, the memories will surely last a lifetime. Donington Park yet again proved itself to be the home of rock and astonishing sets from the likes of Slipknot, Iron Maiden, Rammstein and many, many others made it a vintage year.

However, something slightly less cool once again raised its head in that field last weekend and it’s about time it gets addressed.

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Thrash Hits TV: Black Veil Brides vs The Fans

March 2nd, 2012

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A long, long, long time ago, we solicited our readers with the opportunity to submit questions that we’d ask Black Veil Brides the next time we interviewed them. And what with Black Veil Brides being…errr….somewhat enthusiastic regarding their favourite band, we got rather a lot of questions – more than we had time to ask them in fact. So far, so good, right?

Well, it would be, had we not rather foolishly ended up filming the interview in a darkened backstage dressing room, with a camera that is about as much use in dealing with low-light conditions as a paper hat is at dealing with a monsoon.

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The Paramore Effect

July 17th, 2008

As many people have taken issue with Hayley Williams of Paramore as have fallen for her charm over the past couple of years. Emma Edmondson takes a look at the unlikely hero and explains The Paramore effect.

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Pop punk is forever getting a bashing from critics. Emo, schmemo, whatever they sigh – it’s full of depthless lyrics.

While others twitter their tunes for teenyboppers wearing black clothes and blacker souls. Yet still the acts get slapped on front covers of mags, despite the editorial staff’s dislike for the music, as hey, guess what – their songs actually sell. Sigh.

We all know it’s an age-old argument that’s duller than Gordon Brown’s latest Prime Minister’s question time (snore…) but it’s often even worse for girls in the bands.

The plain pop world sees women ruling the roost – but when it comes to killer riffs and stage diving boys out number girls ten to one. “You’re a cut price Gwen Stefani,” they cry, “an Avril Lavigne clone,,” they sneer with a tsk or two while pointing their witch-hunt like fingers accusingly.

Watch this critique of ‘Misery Business’ and Paramore’s style

Warning: LOTS OF SHOUTING WITHIN (and a bit of music)

No one hears this more than Hayley Williams from Paramore – the flame-maned front woman of Nashville’s biggest girl fronted group since, well, a long time.

Often dubbed the star of the platinum-selling band (although she doesn’t proclaim herself so and shies away from such labels) as with any press-elected group spokesperson she experiences a media verbal lashing regularly. And unnecessarily.

But the fiery haired heroine doesn’t bend over to take it up the botty hole, so to speak. Last year when Hayley felt her, and her band, were misrepresented in a Kerrang! article the singer spoke out on Paramore’s ‘blog.

Watch Hayley Williams being voted 2nd Most Sexiest (sic) Vocalist in Rock

She said the magazine claimed she was a bossy so and so, the Paramore boys were her bitches and that Hayley happily lets Josh fondle her mammaries.

Ahem, right then. These mutterings, on top of having to handle personal comments about her rather large head (eh?) and general (lack of a curvy) appearance, riled the carrot-haired songstress.

And rightly so. Since when has it been ok for a music magazine to turn all judgemental, women’s-cum-lad’s mag style on us? Talk about Jekyll and Hyde.

Publication-bashing aside, although this war of words is old news, it ignited a fizzle of admiration in me for the fiery singer. And, of course it, and she, didn’t stop there with Hayley continually keeping in touch with her fans and the world through the blogging hemisphere.

Watch the video to ‘crushcrushcrush’ by Paramore

She comments on anything from her ex-step dad trying to make some moolah on eBay by selling her school work to a certain magazine’s obsession with her breasts up to the Chinese whispers of her rumoured pregnancy causing the band to halt a tour earlier this year.

Eloquent and opinionated, but not in a preacher like way, if the Paramore lady isn’t a teenage role model in action I don’t know what is. In a world where women are idolised for getting naked and shagging footballers she’s a new age heroine standing up for herself by speaking her mind and writing songs that inspire kids.

She’s got a voice and uses it and herself the rest of Paramore, should be respected and cherished – not beaten to the ground with negative comment sticks.

I mean who would you prefer your little sister or niece to turn out like – Jodie Marsh or Hayley Williams? I know who I’m with, and she sure as hell doesn’t wear a studded belt as a bra and see getting married to a guy she met through an MTV show as normal.

Paramore commence The Final Riot! Tour with special guests Jack’s Mannequin, Phantom Planet and Paper Route on 25 July 2008

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