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Winterfylleth release a statement about Candlefest 2010 but can’t spell “St Edmund’s Day”. Twice.

February 8th, 2011

When Winterfylleth played Candlefest 2010 at London’s Camden Underworld last November, they said some political things onstage in the few seconds they had between majestically black metal songs. Unsurprisingly, journalists picked up on how headline-y those statements inevitably were.

Winterfylleth have released a statement with lots of clever historical facts that us little people never would know because we are stupid. Luckily, Chris Naughton isn’t as clever as he thinks. Just think, “WAAAAH,” whilst reading…

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Live: Candlefest @ Camden Underworld – Saturday, 20 November 2010

November 23rd, 2010

When Xerath and Winterfylleth came to London, Tom Dare went down to give himself a thorough bangover. We expect him out of traction next week.

While the temptation to be marginally cynical about a record label showcase event is almost too much to pass up, the bill tonight is rather tasty – particularly so given that that talent on display is an all-British affair. Isn’t Britain just supposed to sigh and moan about how America and Europe has all the best bands, and how they never come here? It looks like we may finally be able to stop whingeing into our real ales – w’d be fools not to see for ourselves that this is simply no longer the case. [Read more →]

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