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Smashing Pumpkins celebrate 20th anniversary

July 10th, 2008

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The Smashing Pumpkins are to celebrate their 20th anniversary later this year with a host of smaller-sized shows in August 2008 which promise to feature “unique sets and songs”, according to the band’s website.

The only confirmed date so far is on 9 August 2008 at The Venue in Hammond, Indiana but there are a few more to be announced. If you’re a Pumpkins fan that lives outside America and don’t have any frequent flyer miles readily available, you might want to try and forget you read this.

November 2008 will see some larger shows in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles among others (to be announced) before the Gish commemorative tour in early 2009 which will coincide with the release of a potentially brilliant boxset covering the 1987-92 era.

Watch the first video The Smashing Pumpkins ever made – ‘Siva’

The band actually wants your input to the boxset. They want your Smashing Pumpkins photos from that timeframe “before anyone can even remember a thing called grunge, digital cameras, or the internet”. Quite.

One question: does the fact that The Smashing Pumpkins were split up for almost six years mean that this is really only their 14th anniversary?

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