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Interview: Shinedown – “I don’t think you will hear a formula.”

March 11th, 2009

We caught up with Shinedown bassist/pianist Eric Bass to talk about touring with Disturbed and to dispel accusations of his band being formulaic, as well as uncovering the hangover cure that never fails but only works 60% of the time.

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Loads of bands that are massive in the US can’t be bothered putting in the hard work to get to the same level in the UK and Europe. How does it feel to finally be a headline act over here?

“It is quite frankly one of the best feelings in the world for us. We have never been a band that gets big headed about what we do. We are never satisfied, and are always looking to the future. If you aren’t forward thinking you will get stuck in the place that you are now, or simply get left behind. So for us to be able to break into a new country is a huge honour. It is so fresh to have that feeling of starting over again. It makes us feel like we’re kids again!”

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