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DVD: Lamb Of God – Walk With Me In Hell

June 30th, 2008

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Lamb Of God
Walk With Me In Hell
Roadrunner Records

by Salvadore Fernandez

Lamb Of God have some pedigree when it comes to making live/tour DVDs. 2005’s wittily-titled Killadelphia achieved platinum status in the US and featured some amazing footage including the notorious drunken street fight between singer Randy Blythe and guitarist Mark Morton.

What goes on tour…

Lamb Of God Walk With Me In Hell DVD Thrash Hits

Walk With Me In Hell holds two whole discs containing over five hours of their self-styled Pure American Metal and it’s just as much of a treat as their last offering.

While the first disc holds the feature documentary that includes tonnes of in-depth material from their Sacrament world tour, disc two has their complete, uncut performance from Download Festival 2007 plus the uncensored version of the video to ‘Redneck’.

Watch the fight between Randy Blythe and Mark Morton from Killadelphia

Highlights include the band going to the zoo in Australia, which includes some extreme close-ups of various unwitting animals, and a promo day that hilariously showcases the band’s professional (bored) side.

Imagine if the band returned to the exact same bus that the aforementioned brawl began on. It would be interesting, right? It happened. Oh, it happened and it was actually quite sad to see the band’s morale drop so low, so fast but that’s what this DVD is all about.

Watch the trailer for Walk With Me In Hell by Lamb Of God

The beauty of Lamb Of God’s documentation is that they refuse to censor a single thing. They depict themselves in a warts ‘n’ all manner. Obsessive fans might want to know everything. With Walk With Me In Hell on your shelf, they won’t have to stalk the band at least.

If you watch this DVD, you will understand everything about this band. You will come to love every regular nuance and relationship idiosyncrasy within the band and that’s exactly how they want it.


Walk With Me In Hell by Lamb Of God is out now on Roadrunner Records

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