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Album: Thursday – Common Existence

March 5th, 2009

thursday band thrash hits

Common Existence
16 February 2009

by Mischa Pearlman

Thursday have long been the unspoken heroes of the post-hardcore world, happy being quietly devastating on their own (relatively) small-scale terms as other bands have copied and cheapened their sound to ride the wave of mainstream success.

The world is such that this will probably never change – the New Jersey band may forever be destined to cult status and critical acclaim rather than the superstardom of some of their plagiarists – but it’s essentially irrelevant, because that’s the wrong gauge by which to measure things.

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Interview: Thursday – “While writing this record some of us experienced an ‘adult’ loss of innocence.”

February 11th, 2009

With their fifth album, Common Existence due to hit iPods imminently, Mischa Pearlman caught up with Thursday keyboardist, Andrew Everding about the state of America and the post-hardcore legends’ role in all of it.

thursday band thrash hits

First, let’s start with the new album, Common Existence. Can you talk a little about making it and the themes and ideas that inspired it?

“It took a year and a half to write and record the new album, and I don’t think any of us expected it taking this long. As much as we would have liked to write and record a record in six months and get back on the road it didn’t happen.

“Some of the themes have a sense that there might not be as much optimism in the world as we were hoping to have. While writing this record some of us experienced an ‘adult’ loss of innocence. In defence against that, we were steering the record as much as we could towards what used to inspire us the most – the spark that used to ignite us on stage.”

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