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Bad Band Photos 007: The Rods

October 22nd, 2011

You know the occasional but regular furore that arises when an already beautiful actress/model/chanteuse is airbushed to within an inch of her butt crack for a big magazine cover shoot? That’s how we feel about this promo photo from The Rods.

The Rods
From: The United States Of America
Actually from: The United States Of Embarrassment
Age: 61 (pre photoshop), 36 (post photoshop)
Cringe factor: 4/6

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Bad Band Photos 006: We Died Trying!

September 19th, 2011

This one almost feels a bit mean… but when’s that ever stopped us. Hopefully the guys in this band went on to better things. If so, maybe they could get in touch and explain to us exactly what they were thinking…

We Died Trying!
From: Slough. We think.
Actually from: No idea
Age: 16 (average)
Cringe factor: 5/6
Sounds like: Pyjamacore

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Protest The Hero Announce New Album. Wearing Socks, Star Trek Uniforms And A Massive Owl Head.

February 3rd, 2011

Protest The Hero‘s new album is out on March 21st, and is entitled Scurrilous. Now while this is great news for fans of totally fucking insane music, this doesn’t come within touching distance of the brilliance of the promo shot that came with the announcement. It’s after the jump for when you’ve braced yourself for this. [Read more →]

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