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Classic question: IKEA… or death? (It’s a game)

October 10th, 2013

ikea or death game thrash hits 2013

It’s usually when being dragged around the Swedish homeware caverns by our inevitably better halves for hours on end. Ignoring the meticulously laid out showrooms, we’ve instead preferred to dream of cheap meatballs, cheap hotdogs and the possibility of wheeling a lot of awesome stuff that we can build towards our shit cars – anything to get out – and, at some point, we’ve all asked ourselves the question: “IKEA or Death?” The thing is, we’ve never asked it in this context.

Some fine individuals from marketing company, Gatesman + Dave have made a fun game called IKEA OR DEATH where you have to guess whether a name is an item from IKEA or whether it’s a metal band. It’s fun. It’s a game. It’s a play on words. Let’s not get too emotional about a lot of the bands being black metal bands.

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Heavy Metal Advent Calendar: 16 December

December 16th, 2009

slade merry christmas band promo photo rudolph red nose comic relief thrash hits


If you don’t know what band this relates to, go and kill yourself. But not before playing this stupidly addictive game that SLADE – yes, it’s Slade – have made for you. It’s called Noddy’s Snowballs. I mean, come on, that’s awesome.

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