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Album: Voices – From The Human Forest Create A Fugue Of Imaginary Rain

February 22nd, 2013

Voices promo photo Thrash Hits

From The Human Forest Create A Fugue Of Imaginary Rain
Candlelight Records
11 March 2013

by Rob McAuslan

If you’re at all interested in the deathlier end of metal, the name Akercocke should be all-too familiar to you. As one of the UK’s premier bands for the best part of a decade, the sharp-suited Londoners redefined themselves and the boundaries of the genre with each release, merging progressive tendencies and atypical electronica with dizzying velocity and feral savagery to create an enviable body of work. It’s been over five years since their last album, Antichrist, though, and rumours of their demise have hardly been denied by the band. With that background in mind, Voices‘ debut feels bittersweet. As good as it is to know that some of the UK’s finest extreme metal musicians are still working on new ways to disgust and horrify, this latest emission from three of the Akercocke weirdos seems to finally spell the end of their long-silent project.

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Top 5: Bring Me The Horizon – Ollie Sykes and Matt Nichols choose their Top 5 Girls

January 12th, 2009

We had a chat with Bring Me The Horizon singer, Oli Sykes and drummer, Matt Nicholls about their favourite women in the world. We definitely agree with the opportunity to post photos of some hot, hot women.

bring me the horizon bmth band promo photo sweden thrash hits

Both: Eva Longoria.
MN: That Victoria’s Secret model… Adriana Lima. She’s amazing.
OS: I was looking at someone on the computer the other day and I would pay all of my money just to look at her. I might have dreamt it.
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Photos + Live: Bring Me The Horizon @ London Astoria – 01 November 2008

November 12th, 2008

bring me the horizon bmth band promo photo sweden thrash hits

This is not just another sausagefest. You’ll never see this many girls at a heavy metal show until next time Bring Me The Horizon roll into town.

Of course, some might argue that BMTH are more metalcore than heavy metal or that they’re not even a little bit metal – it’s just fashion something or other.

It doesn’t matter.

People care about these five boys from Sheffield. People care what BMTH wear; they care what BMTH sound like; they care what kind of people are into BMTH. It all matters.

Standing around watching them play their souped-up metalcore, you hear girls screaming, “I love you, Ollie.” From 40 yards and amidst the cries of hundreds of other girls, they’re screaming, “Fuck me, Ollie.”

As you start to think about turning to hush the young lady, the situation leans toward the embarrassing, but it doesn’t matter.

Bring Me The Horizon’s new material sounds superb when placed alongside their older work. Whether that is a testament to the quality of their new album, Suicide Season, or whether it just means their old material was crap, you can’t be sure.

What you can be sure of, however, is that Bring Me The Horizon are building a legacy and now they definitely have the music to back it all up.

Bring Me The Horizon @ London Astoria photo gallery by Lynsey Wright

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