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Album: Grappler – Everything I’ve Ever Feared

March 4th, 2013

Grappler 2013 promo photo Thrash Hits

Everything I’ve Ever Feared
Dog Knights Productions
08 April 2013

by Ollie Connors

As soon as you press play on Grappler’s new record Everything I’ve Ever Feared, it becomes immediately apparent that intensity is the ordure du jour. ‘The Best Have Formed A Crown’ raises the curtain dramatically with a sheer wall of jagged, nerve-wracking instrumentation, before vocalist Jon’s throat-stripping vocals take hold. This London (via Leeds and Grenoble) quintet have carved out quite the reputation for themselves through tireless gigging and a blistering live act, and this six track follow-up to 2011’s Callow looks set to spread the word even further.

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Photos: Touché Amoré, Pettybone + Grappler @ London Camden Barfly – 27 February 2012

February 29th, 2012

Touché Amoré at the Camden Barfly c/o Ben Gibson 27 February 2012 Thrash Hits

There are a lot of things that are good about Touché Amoré. One of the good things about Touché Amoré is that they force lazy music bloggers to learn the keyboard-shortcut for typing “é”. Another, perhaps more relevant, good thing about Touché Amoré, is that they are a bloody awesome live band. That’s why we had Ben Gibson go and photograph them doing just that at the Camden Barfly earlier this week, at any rate.

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Future Hits 110: Grappler

January 26th, 2012

Grappler by Gaelle Brunet ( promo photo Thrash Hits


From: London & Leeds, UK, via Grenoble, France
Lazy equation: (Devil Sold His Soul + Dead Swans) x a degree less wanton chest-beating.
URL: Website // Facebook

Thrash Hits Verdict: 
At some point, the UK hardcore bubble of recent years is going to burst. Like it or not, the part-timers will at some point get bored, and the resurgence that has revitalised the country’s scene over the last few years will retract, implode, and then retreat back to the underground for a few years. Thankfully though, that cataclysm still shows no signs of manifesting any time soon, leaving us plenty of quality bands of Grappler’s calibre to enjoy. Oh yes.

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