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Album: Weathered Hands – A Warm Life In The Cold

February 28th, 2014

Weathered Hands 2014 promo photo Thrash Hits

Weathered Hands
A Warm Life In The Cold
In At The Deep End
10 March 2014

by Gavin Lloyd

Despite being a relatively young band Hereford’s Weathered Hands have already progressed a great deal. Starting life as a metalcore band, a line up change saw the band ditch their metal leanings to join the UKHC ranks. However after getting a bitter taste in their mouth from seeing primordial m0sh bros kicking twelve shades out of each other to their music the band has scaled up the melody, along with the emotion and intensity, leading to a natural climax on this release.

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Tags think we’re Best of the Blogs. No biggie.

September 14th, 2012

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We know we’re damn good at what we do. We’ve got nominated for awards and stuff, so we’re not totally out of our gourd to have that opinion. You probably think we’re at least pretty good at what we do too, otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this. And the folks over at think we’re pretty damn good at what we do too – that’s why they asked us to be the latest entry in their Best of the Blogs feature over in their Originals section and to inform the masses of users about three bands we’ve been listening to recently – Black Moth, History Of The Hawk (Did we mention that we were hosting History Of The Hawk’s album release show in November, where they’ll be supported by Throne, Empress, and Cult Cinema? And that tickets are a mere £4 in advance? Do your duty, dear readers), and The Armed.

Anyway, go check out our blog for here, and while you’re at it, you should go and join the Thrash Hits group on to see how you compare to some of our other miscreant readers.

Video: The Defiled – ‘The Resurrectionists’

March 11th, 2010

Okay, okay – we’re a little late on this one. The Defiled actually released this video to ‘The Resurrectionts’ –  one of the centrepiece tracks from their excellent 1888 EP – last weekend. We just failed to mention it because we’ve either a) been out of the country, b) been moving house, and c) have been battling the technical gremlins all fucking week.

But our troubles really shouldn’t be your concern right now – it should be this video. Because this track is awesome.

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