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Let’s read between the lines of Bring Me The Horizon moving to a major label, shall we?

August 8th, 2012

Just over a week ago, Bring Me The Horizon announced they’d moved to a major label? Big deal, or so what? Or both? Hugh Platt is here to mouth off.

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So Bring Me The Horizon have moved from the relative smallness of independent UK label, Visible Noise, the relative gigantism of the multinational Sony Music Entertainment, by way of the major’s RCA Records subsidiary. RCA, of course, has been the past and present home to everyone from Justin Timberlake and The Strokes, to Mike Posner (aka the pop guy featured on Warped Tour’s No Room For Rockstars documentary) and perennial Thrash Hits not-really-metal-but-we-still-loved-them-mob The Cooper Temple Clause, and now Oli Sykes and co. are also calling it home. But so what right? Band moves label. Big frickin’ deal! Right? Right?


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Album: Amplifier – The Octopus

February 16th, 2011

Amplifier band promo photo 2011 octopus thrash hits

The Octopus
21 February 2011

by Raziq Rauf

Manchester trio Amplifier are without a label for this third album, but have forged ahead with a remarkable independent spirit nonetheless. From first glance, it’s difficult to tell whether this double-disc concept album is the result of a band left to their own devices, or whether they’re a band with nothing left to lose and are giving it their last ounce for you, the listener, to contend with. Scratch the surface even slightly, however, and you will be in no doubt that it’s the latter.

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