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65daysofstatic – The Fall of Math: ten years later with Paul Wolinski

March 26th, 2014

Come 20 September 2014 and 65daysofstatic‘s debut album, The Fall of Math will be ten years old. It’s an album that thrust an instrumental post-rock band from Sheffield and all of their odd time signatures and samples of film dialogue firmly into the limelight. With radio attention and a lead single that resonated with many, it has led to the band having a healthy career of four more excellent albums, a soundtrack and a collaboration with Robert Smith of The Cure. Not bad. Here, we ask guitarist Paul Wolinski to talk about the album, track by track, ten years on.

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Album: 65daysofstatic – Wild Light

September 19th, 2013

65dos 65 days of static 2013 sheffield band photo wild light thrash hits

Wild Light
Superball Music
16 September 2013

by Raz

In a bizarre coincidence, 65 per cent of all articles written about 65daysofstatic feature the word “unstoppable” in them. It may be a direct quote of the sample in ‘Retreat! Retreat!’ from the Sheffield post-rockers’ debut album, The Fall of Math or it may be cleverly sculpted into a different slab of hyperbole, there to indicate that 65dos can do no wrong. That’s lazy journalism, that is. And you can say that line about stats being made up in your own head.

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Album: Devin Townsend Project – Epicloud

October 4th, 2012

Devin Townsend 2012 promo photo Thrash Hits

Devin Townsend Project
Hevy Devy / InsideOutMusic
23 September 2012

by Ruth Booth

We thought it was the end of the Devin Townsend project – so Townsend himself said. After returning from a two-year hiatus with a genre-spanning quadrilogy, capped by four sold-out album shows in London – he’d be forgiven for wanting to put that all behind him. Since then, Townsend has decided the name’s much too good to lose – which may leave some wondering about his latest troll-baiting album title.

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Album: The Safety Fire – Grind The Ocean

April 11th, 2012

The Safety Fire 2011 promo photo by Tom Barnes Thrash Hits

The Safety Fire
Grind The Ocean
InsideOut Music
09 April 2012

By Tomas Doyle

It is easy to wonder how on earth Djent will be looked back on in a decades time. It wouldn’t be an enormous leap of imagination to see it bearing the brunt of similar derision that nu-metal now faces some 10 years or so after that fads heyday – both comprise dudes in ill fitting clothes producing music predominantly for other dudes in ill fitting clothes with anguished “I won’t clean up my bedroom!” rapping now replaced by an equally unhealthy desire to hermetically seal oneself in a practice room and master the art of playing in 13/24.

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The Safety Fire to release debut, Grind The Ocean in February 2012

December 15th, 2011

The Safety Fire promo photo by Tom Barnes Thrash Hits

The Safety Fire have finally announced the release of their debut album, Grind The Ocean via German-based prog label, Inside Out Music – the sister label to Century Media Records, current and former home of TesseracT and Devin Townsend respectively – on 27 February 2011. This comes the day after Zane Lowe played ‘Huge Hammers’ on Radio 1 last night. That was exciting.

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