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Top 10s of 2011: Our Contributors

December 10th, 2011

Thrash Hits 2011 Albums of the Year

We’ve shown you what Raz and Hugh’s albums of the year are, but they’re not the only ones responsible for the Thrash Hits Top 20 Albums of 2011. Oh no. We’ve got a whole load of contributors – writers, photographers, and miscellaneous behind-the-scenes types – that help keep Thrash Hits running smoothly, and the albums they loved the most from 2011 matter just as much as those favoured by the boss men.

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EP: Cult Cinema – Iscariot

November 21st, 2011

cult cinema band promo photo 2011 tom barnes thrash hits

Cult Cinema
Siege Of Amida Records
22 August 2011

by Danny Montana

Opening track, ‘Akeldama’ doesn’t really hang around to do anything but leave a hefty impression. But what an impression. While the eerie opening builds and builds for the first 45 seconds, Cult Cinema pack in a whole load of discordant, furious anger into the remaining 45. It’s clear from that spacious opening that they’ve been taking their cues from the likes of Cult Of Luna and it’s no surprise to see that CoL man, Magnus Lindberg mixed and mastered this EP.

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Future Hits 081: Cult Cinema

May 23rd, 2011

cult cinema band promo photo 2011 tom barnes thrash hits

Cult Cinema
From: London, UK
Lazy Equation: Swedish hardcore + Norwegian black metal x actually from England
URL: //

Thrash Hits Verdict:
We were rather impressed by the ferocious hardcore of Cult Cinema when we saw them at one of their first ever gigs in April so we thought we’d better ask them some stuff. This is what we said when they played at the Purple Turtle:

“It’s one of Cult Cinema’s first ever shows. It will not be one of their last. Death metal vocals with a hardcore/rock band really does work especially with the relentless intensity that they add to their live show. Who knew? They did, obviously. Snazzy name too. They’re ones to watch out for again. This may be largely due to the singer spending the whole set on the floor rather than on the stage but hey ho.”

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