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Album: Korn – The Paradigm Shift

October 4th, 2013

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The Paradigm Shift
Spinefarm Records
07 October 2013

by George Fernandez

Brian ‘Head’ Welch is back but David Silvera isn’t allowed back. It’s not an experiment in dubstep metal. That’s the news in terms of Korn’s 11th album, The Paradigm Shift. The sub-plot is that Jonathan Davis was struggling to get off his meds whilst writing the album so there’s the saga concerning this particular 42-year-old millionaire.

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WIN! Korn – The Path of Totality tour live DVD

August 31st, 2012

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Korn are great, aren’t they? Well, they just became even more great because they’ve given us a couple of DVDs to give away. The DVD in question is a live DVD and it was shot in Hollywood on their The Path of Totality tour. All you have to do to win one is enter the competition. We’ll be in touch via email if you’ve won. That’s easy enough, isn’t it? Scroll down, compadre.

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Album: Korn – The Path of Totality

November 23rd, 2011

Korn promo photo 2010 Thrash Hits

The Path of Totality
Roadrunner Records
05 December 2011

by George Fernandez

ARGH! Dubstep! It’s already taken over daytime radio and now it’s coming for our metal. At least they’ve come for Korn so maybe it’s not that harmful. After all, they haven’t made a truly great album since… since… Follow The Leader, perhaps? And that came out in 1998. Hmmm.

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Korn take it to the bleeding edge once more by “going dubstep” on ‘Get Up’

March 31st, 2011

Korn promo photo 2010 Thrash Hits

A few hours ago, Jonathan Davis recorded a short message for his fans, along with some new dubstep-oriented beats and uploaded them to Soundcloud via his iPhone. We have been led to believe said beats will be incorporated into a brand new song called ‘Get Up’. Here is Davis’ eloquent speech:

“What’s up, everybody? It’s JD. We’re getting ready to fuck shit up again. Check this shit out. It’s new shit…”

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Interview: Dimmu Borgir – “They might spit on us, but we don’t care!”

September 2nd, 2010

When Norwegian black metallers Dimmu Borgir came to town, we sent Tom Dare off to chat to guitarist Galder about new album, Abrahadabra

After three years and the departure of two band members (keyboard player Mustis, and bassist & clean vocalist ICS Vortex), Dimmu Borgir are about to release new album Abrahadabra. At a top-secret location in London (i.e., a Travelodge), we got to listen to this vast and ambitious slab of evil. After recovering, we sat down with Galder, guitarist with arguably the biggest Norwegian black metal band going, to discuss the band’s new record, Aleister Crowley, touring with Korn and potentially being spat on.

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Whatever Happened To Nu-Metal? It went to East London for a one-off clubnight tonight, that’s what

June 3rd, 2010

You remember last year, just after Limp Bizkit announced they were getting back together, when all the major metal media started fretting over the possibility of a nu-metal revival? They couldn’t decide whether to be delighted or appalled, and they all endured a week of psychological constipation until metal fans shrugged, got on their the Summer, and everyone promptly forgot about “the nu-metal revivial”.

Well, everyone except a single London clubnight promoter, it seems….

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Who are you looking forward to seeing the most at Download Festival 2009?

May 28th, 2009

download festival 2009 thrash hits donington

It’s almost time for Download Festival 2009. It’s only two weeks away, in fact and we’re getting rather excited. Soon it’ll be time to start looking at that schedule and figuring out what bands you want to see and which ones annoyingly clash.

We already know that Faith No More, Motley Crue and Meshuggah clash, but with FNM making what will surely be a triumphant return, there’s only going to be one winner of that contest.

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American Goalies Who Like Metal

July 2nd, 2008

It came to our attention that American goalkeepers in the English Premiership are occasionally fans of heavy metal. Joe Shooman dives into the unknown with the most unpredictable bunch of sportsmen available.

Tim Howard Everton Manchester United Thrash Hits

It’s fairly common knowledge that Stuart ‘Psycho’ Pearce is bang up for a bit of punk, and when the Pistols played at Finsbury Park in ’96 he got onstage with em for a bit of a mosh. ‘Cause he’s a top geezer, innit.

He was also spotted (by me) at a Stiff Little Fingers gig in Liverpool a few years later. He’s not as tall as you think, but he does look rock hard and I certainly wouldn’t f**k with him.

Most of the top footballists of our revered Premiership think a good night out is a bottle of Grey Goose followed by a rendition of ‘Soulja Boi’ and puking over some pneumatic tart they’ve picked up then calling it foreplay.

However, it’s refreshing to note that there is a phenomenon extant in the UK which we at Thrash Hits .com will call American Goalies Who Like S**t Metal. Because they do. Well. At least two of them anyway.

Take Reading FC’s Marcus Hahnemann for example. Not only does he share a surname with Jeff of Slayer, he’s also got quite a pre-match ritual.

Watch the video to ‘Sober’ by Tool

“I’ll be listening to Slipknot or Tool,” he told an interviewer. “Something really hard and in your face to get you pumped up.” He’ll also drink four cans of Red Bull. Just what you need before facing Kevin Davies and his ilk.

Similarly, Fulham FC’s Kasey Keller is mad for the more aggressive side of rawk. He used to play for Borussia Monchengladbach, which is also a damn good name for a metal band if you ask us.

“When I want to have the weight room to myself,” said Keller to USA Today, “I put in some music and then slowly I do. Slipknot or Soulfly will do the job pretty well. You can always put in some death metal like Satyricon or Opeth, that will get them going.”

We’re gonna take some footballs to Download Festival next year and see if it works in reverse so that we can clear a decent area for a picnic during Slayer’s set. Which is probably stupid.

Watch Kasey Keller at his best

Tim Howard (pictured up top, throwing the horns, probably), meanwhile, the Tourettes-suffering minder of Everton’s onion bag, is well into God’s Greatest Hits (his fave song is Psalm 118:24) so doubtless disapproves. Or listens to Stryper.

Brad Friedel was last seen online updating his blog which is quite frankly of dubious provenance, unless the Blackburn goalie really does like making lists of Chuck Norris-esque facts like “[I] once breast-fed a flamingo back to health” or claiming to have eaten homeless people and impregnate most of North West England. Including the blokes. It’s pretty damned rock ‘n’ roll whichever way you look at it.

Whether this love of noise is down to the fact that these guys are trying to prove themselves manly in the face of the US perception of footy (soccer, indeed) being a girl’s sport is up for discussion, of course, but it’s still better than yer usual twat-faced footballer in a top-end Porsche with Phil Collins blasting out the sunroof.

Slipknot’s ‘All Hope Is Gone’: the verdict

June 20th, 2008

Fans have been waiting for over four years, but Slipknot have finally unleashed their new material upon the masses. It’s always a lottery when a band releases new material. Will it be great? Will it disappoint? Raziq Rauf finds out.

Slipknot Purgatory Masks

Those of us at Download Festival might have seen the morose-looking folk sitting on the grass holding the placards that had nothing but the classic Slipknot logo with a URL for

It was a message meant to excite those who know and intrigue those who don’t enough to make them want to find out.

News was released that ‘All Hope Is Gone’ was the title track off Slipknot’s forthcoming album (25 August 2008) and it was to be released as a free download on Roadrunner Records’ official website for one day only on 20 June 2008.

The good news is that ‘All Hope Is Gone’ is a brilliant 4min 50sec of hardcore-infused heavy metal that has Corey Taylor’s trademark barked lyrics and Joey Jordison’s super-tight drumming throughout.

Additional call-to-arms vocals appear during the almost-rousing chorus – expect a few fists being pumped into the air when this is played live. The last minute crescendos into a series of powerful breakdowns as well, giving the ending a huge sense of relief.

Thrash Hits .com verdict? Slipknot are back but there must be more to come. Now go and listen to ‘All Hope Is Gone’ and learn the words.

Watch the video to the UK Top 20 single ‘Duality’ by Slipknot

It’s been three years since the band (pictured, above in their Purgatory masks) last toured together and several band members have remained active.

With Stone Sour, singer Corey Taylor and guitarist Jim Root released yet another Gold-selling album in Come What(ever) May while Joey Jordison drummed for Ministry and Korn and produced 3 Inches Of Blood’s latest record Fire Up The Blades.

All Hope Is Gone, the band’s fourth album (no, Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat was not a proper album) was recorded in Iowa by the band and Dave Fortnam and promises to be the “most mature, most beautiful and the most powerful” thing Slipknot have done.

They are looking to build on the platinum-selling Vol.3 (The Subliminal Verses), which hit Top 10s across the world as well as spawning singles that hit the UK Top 20 and US Top 10. The album will be released just after Slipknot have performed at Reading (24 August 2008) and Leeds (22 August 2008) Festivals.

‘All Hope Is Gone’ Lyrics:

The state of the nation – violation!
A broken promise is as good as a lie.
The hell is humongous, the devil’s among us
And we will burn because we won’t unite!

We won’t witness anymore freedom.
Where is anybody? Do we need ’em?”
I would rather fight than let another die.
We’re the problem but we’re also the solution.


There’s no video, but listen to ‘All Hope Is Gone’ by Slipknot

If you want you cannot take it from me.
If you think you can, you still don’t know me.
Let me tell you, when I said it, I meant it
And I will always have the right to defend it.

Fifty seconds, a hundred murders.
The bill of rights is a bill of sale.
What will you do when the war is over?
What will you do when your systems fail!?

We have made the presence -obsolete.
What do you want? What do you need?
We’ll find a way, when all hope is gone!
We’ve seen the fall of the elite.
Bury your life, take your disease.
We’ll end the world, when all hope is gone!

The wretched are the wounded, the hungry starved to death.
At a place where no-one goes, the air itself is a final breathe.
So discontinue the antiseptic cash charade.
As the cry of justice comes, I’m gonna let this fire free!

I am the reason your future suffers.
I am the hatred you won’t embrace.
I am the worm of a pure distinction.
I am the remedy, spit in my face!
All your lies and wars are out-dated.
All your subjects are dulling mind games.
I can rattle off a million other reasons why
but doesn’t matter when the only thing will never die!

We have made the presence -obsolete.
What do you want? What do you need?
We’ll find a way, when all hope is gone!
We’ve seen the fall of the elite.
Bury your life, take your disease.
We’ll end the world, when all hope is gone!

‘Psychosocial’ will be released on 7 July 2008 and All Hope Is Gone will be released on 25 August 2008 on Roadrunner Records

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