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Punk is a state of mind, not a leather jacket

September 24th, 2013

The usual outrage has flared up amongst the alternative scene today as more punk stylings have found their way into the mainstream. It’s not even a specific person doing it, but a shop. An evil capitalist shop. Raziq Rauf thinks the punks should actually pipe down. It’s just a jacket, after all…

urban outfitters punk leather jacket crass sex pistols thrash hits 2013

There’s been vague uproar in punk circles today and, as ever, their ire is directed at The Man. Firstly, Urban Outfitters have the temerity to sell a punk-oriented leather jacket. Sure. Secondly, and conversely, the last bastion of quality journalism, Buzzfeed have published a riveting list of pictures explaining why “punk is dead”. Sure.

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Infographic! Heavy Metal band logos 101

April 16th, 2012

We love infographics. They make everything really easy to understand. We’ve dissected band logos before but this particular graphic explains it all in sub-categories and with examples. Spend five minutes with this and you’ll be standing in front of the Bloodstock poster pointing at bands and saying, “Satan-friendly… Sharp ‘n’ pointy… Hmmm… Sharp ‘n’ pointy.”. You’ll see.

metal logos explained 101 for dummies thrash hits 2012

The Thrash Hits logo is definitely in the Sharp ‘n’ Pointy category, probably in the Classic sub-section because it’s pretty simple. Does the blue and red and paint spatter make it a Variation? Hmmm…

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