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Photos + Live: Bring Me The Horizon @ London Astoria – 01 November 2008

November 12th, 2008

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This is not just another sausagefest. You’ll never see this many girls at a heavy metal show until next time Bring Me The Horizon roll into town.

Of course, some might argue that BMTH are more metalcore than heavy metal or that they’re not even a little bit metal – it’s just fashion something or other.

It doesn’t matter.

People care about these five boys from Sheffield. People care what BMTH wear; they care what BMTH sound like; they care what kind of people are into BMTH. It all matters.

Standing around watching them play their souped-up metalcore, you hear girls screaming, “I love you, Ollie.” From 40 yards and amidst the cries of hundreds of other girls, they’re screaming, “Fuck me, Ollie.”

As you start to think about turning to hush the young lady, the situation leans toward the embarrassing, but it doesn’t matter.

Bring Me The Horizon’s new material sounds superb when placed alongside their older work. Whether that is a testament to the quality of their new album, Suicide Season, or whether it just means their old material was crap, you can’t be sure.

What you can be sure of, however, is that Bring Me The Horizon are building a legacy and now they definitely have the music to back it all up.

Bring Me The Horizon @ London Astoria photo gallery by Lynsey Wright

Live + Photos: Alexisonfire, The Ghost Of A Thousand & Dead Swans @ London Camden Barfly – 17 August 2008

August 27th, 2008

When Alexisonfire hit town to play a tiny, intimate Kerrang! Awards Show in north London, Lynsey Wright made sure she was right down the front for Thrash Hits .com with her camera.

promo pic alexisonfire thrash hits

Dead Swans hit the stage running; launching straight into fierce, full-tempo hardcore. This band doesn’t miss a beat.

Brighton band the Ghost of a Thousand take to the stage next, and do nothing to calm the already overexcited crowd down.

Vocalist, Tom Lacey is a livewire on stage. Running from stage to barrier and back it’s hard to keep-up but it fits the fast-paced, hardcore music that this band are specialists of.

An over-sold Barfly is bursting at the cracks in the walls by the time the headliners, Alexisonfire, are due to appear and they certainly don’t mess about.

Within seconds of appearing onstage they launch into their first grinding hit; driving the largely underage crowd into a frenzy. The entire room sings along to both the melodic parts of Dallas Green and the raw screams of a shirtless George Pettit.

They plough their way through songs from both Crisis and Watch Out and even debut an as-yet-unnamed song from the forthcoming record, jokingly titled ‘Wade owns England’.

The best surprise of the evening was the stage invasion during the encore. Almost the entire crowd were clambering over the barrier, limbs flailing, attempting to join their heroes on stage and to ensure they have something to tell the kids in the playground tomorrow.

Alexisonfire, The Ghost of a Thousand & Dead Swans @ London Camden Barfly photo gallery

Album: My Ruin – The Brutal Language

November 7th, 2005

my ruin tairrie b thrash hits promo photo 2008

My Ruin
The Brutal Language
Rovena Recordings
07 November 2005

by Lynsey Wright

Over the years My Ruin have brought various new aspects to the genre known as ‘metal’, challenging what has been and what is to come in one fell swoop. Combining Tairrie’s roots in rap and hip-hop with the influence of spoken word style pieces of Lydia Lunch, the band have amalgamated these genres and created a new breed of metal. The Brutal Language takes on a more classic approach to metal and takes it on hard. [Read more →]

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