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Interview: Bring Me The Horizon talk Sempiternal

February 28th, 2013

Bring Me The Horizon 2013 press photo band sempiternal thrash hits

With their fourth album, Sempiternal, released in April, this is one of the most talked about bands around. We spoke to Bring Me The Horizon about all the hard work Oli’s done to make his vocals good enough, what the album is really about, how Jordan Fish joining the band has affected their sound and how they’ve used the criticism they’ve received over the years to their advantage. Could BMTH become the biggest extreme metal band in Britain?

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Top 5: Bring Me The Horizon – Ollie Sykes and Matt Nichols choose their Top 5 Girls

January 12th, 2009

We had a chat with Bring Me The Horizon singer, Oli Sykes and drummer, Matt Nicholls about their favourite women in the world. We definitely agree with the opportunity to post photos of some hot, hot women.

bring me the horizon bmth band promo photo sweden thrash hits

Both: Eva Longoria.
MN: That Victoria’s Secret model… Adriana Lima. She’s amazing.
OS: I was looking at someone on the computer the other day and I would pay all of my money just to look at her. I might have dreamt it.
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Bring Me The Horizon: “We’ve done worse things than take a piss on a bus.”

August 12th, 2008

Bring Me The Horizon have always been fond of a little tour-time tomfoolery. Ryan Williams talks to them about life on the road and their new record, Suicide Season. Plus, watch the new video to ‘The Comedown’.

bring me the horizon bmth band promo photo sweden thrash hits

This autumn will see a deluge of brand new heavy metal albums. Slipknot and Trivium have been stealing all the headlines so far but Slayer and Mastodon are hardly far behind in the rankings.

Bring Me The Horizon have also been setting out their stall. The Sheffield quintet have been sweating their way through the American summer on the Warped Tour before unleashing their second album, Suicide Season, upon the masses in September.

“Last time we were in America, we just had the best time,” exclaims drummer, Matt Nicholls. “We’ve just been itching to go back!”

“It’s going to be pretty cool to go out on Warped Tour,” says a slightly more restrained Ollie Sykes. “There’s no negative really.”

Watch the brand new video to ‘The Comedown’ by BMTH

“Some people see touring as purely business to make money,” he continues and starts shaking his head. “They’ll sit in their bus or van on their computers and then they’ll play and it’s just like what’s the point? This is the best thing you could be doing in life.”

“Last time we toured America for three months and being with the same people for three months…” Ollie grins and looks at me. “It can get a bit cosy.”

Indeed, it can definitely get a bit cosy. In spring 2007 you may recall that Sykes was pulled up on some heinous charges which were soon dropped completely. But the incident definitely left a lasting impression on the band.

“It kind of slowed us down a bit,” winces Nicholls, shifting in his seat. “We were getting a lot of coverage from Kerrang! and Metal Hammer at that point but as soon as that happened everything just stopped.”

bring me the horizon bmth suicide season packshow album cover artwork thrash hits

Frontman, Ollie Sykes manages to look on the bright side none the less, “At the same time, so many people wanted to come and see us, even if it was just to throw a bottle at us. We were wondering, ‘Just where have all these people come from?’”

“It was a shitty time,” Sykes acknowledges. “We never really looked at it as good for press as much as we were thinking ‘Everyone thinks we’ve done this terrible thing!’”

“It opened our eyes a bit,” nods the heavily-tattooed singer. “It was the first time we had our own tour bus and we probably were going a bit wild every night but we’ve done worse things than take a piss on a bus.”

It might seem like stating the obvious but, somehow, Nicholls manages to make this sound like the most pertinent revelation of the interview: “Put a bunch of 19 year olds on a bus and things are bound to get a bit crazy.”

Watch the video to ‘Pray For Plagues’ by BMTH

It is certainly true that a bunch of talented, hard-partying teenagers cooped up in a pressure cooker environment are always going to cause some mischief but they also managed to muster up the resolve to create two albums.

“We recorded our first CD five minutes from the Birmingham Bullring so if it got a little boring we could just go into town,” explains Nicholls. “This time we were in the middle of Sweden surrounded by nothing but forests and lakes. We put everything into recording this CD.”

“We didn’t really want to write a CD what sounded anything like our last CD,” states Nicholls, quite matter-of-factly. “It’s just a waste of time. Why would you want to do that?

Bring Me The Horizon autumn 2008 UK tourdates

Newcastle Academy
17 Dundee Fat Sam’s
18 Glasgow Garage
19 Stoke Sugarmill
20 Sheffield Academy
21 Oxford Academy
22 Nottingham Rock City
23 Norwich Waterfront
24 Liverpool Academy
25 Wrexham Central Station
26 Brighton Concorde 2
27 Leeds Cockpit
28 Cardiff Ifor Bach
29 Yeovil Orange Box
30 Bristol Academy
31 Southampton University

London Astoria
02 Manchester Academy
03 Birmingham Academy

Suicide Season by Bring Me The Horizon is released on 22 September 2008 on Visible Noise

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