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GREATEST HITS OF 2012 no.9: Tom Dare goes on and on and ON about the 20 year evolution of Black Metal

December 28th, 2012

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We’ve got a fairly loose system when it comes to organising submissions from our contributors. They email us an idea, we tell them if it’s good or rubbish, then they go off and write it. Nice and simple. So when Tom Dare emailed us with a pitch for a retrospective on how Black Metal has evolved in the twenty years since the release of Darkthrone’s A Blaze In The Northern Sky, we just let him get on with it.

We just didn’t reckon he’s write quite so bloody much.

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Sunday Slaylist: Metal from the Middle East

April 15th, 2012

Melechesh promo photo Thrash Hits

The Middle East is a perpetual presence in world affairs – at the time of writing, the ceasefire between Syria’s government and rebel forces rests on a knife edge, Egypt’s first truly free presidential elections in decades is already mired in controversy, and the ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran continue to prove inconclusive. It’s against this background of uprising and upheaval that Jon Kerr offers up this week’s Spotify Slaylist as a “horns-up” to all our Middle Eastern metal brethren.

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Sunday Slaylist: The New Black (Metal)

March 4th, 2012

Anaal Nathrakh UPDATED promo photo Thrash Hits

All this week, Tom Dare has been guiding you through how Black Metal has evolved over the course of the last two decades (check out parts one, two, three and four if you haven’t already). Now, as the week draws to a close, we’ve asked Tom to put together the songs that have made it happen into a Spotify Slaylist, and in doing to to lovingly cobble them together in an order that somehow tries to make sense of the wildly differing styles that constitute the genre these days. Wish him luck….

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Interview: Melechesh – “We took a fucking big risk- we could have ended our careers”

October 21st, 2010

If only to stop him from drooling all over the place over Melechesh’s new album, we packed Tom Dare off to chat with their frontman, Ashmedi, about Istanbul, Mesopotamian mythology and what that damn title means.

By now you should have read our review of Melechesh’s stunning new album, The Epigenesis. You’ll know that we think it’s one of the best records to emerge in the latter half of 2010 – it pushes boundaries because the band’s creative drive of expression requires it, not merely out of some misplaced urge to sound outré. and it does it while simultaneously sounding heavy as fuck. Why haven’t you bloody well bought it yet? It’s why we were so keen to have words with the first-Jerusalem-now-Amsterdam-based band’s frontman, Ashmedi. What the devil is it like fronting one of the most forward-thinking black metal outfits in the world today? [Read more →]


Album: Melechesh – The Epigenesis

October 15th, 2010

The Epigenesis
Nuclear Blast Records
04 October 2010

by Tom Dare

Their name may not be as well known as other black metal outfits, but Melechesh‘s last album, Emissaries, was a distinctive masterpiece, honing their sound to a point sharp enough to decapitate any number of angels dancing on pinheads. Where to go next? Four years later, The Epigenesis provides the answer in spectacular fashion.

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