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GREATEST HITS OF 2012 no.3: Publicly calling out TRC over their video to ‘Temptation’

December 19th, 2012

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There has only been one instance in the near-five year history of Thrash Hits that we’ve hesitated before clicking the ‘Publish’ button out of fear for our physical safety. And that was earlier this year, when Hugh Platt wrote a ‘Dear John…’ letter to TRC, explaining why he wouldn’t be writing about them anymore after witnessing their then-latest promo video for ‘Temptation’. Mainly because he was scared one of TRC would uppercut his head clean off his shoulders backstage at Download Festival or something like that.

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Poll: Axl Rose vs Cake

April 17th, 2012

So Axl Rose refused to acknowledge the accolade of being inducted Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, allowing the rest of band to celebrate with a better singer, but does it really matter? Our friend, Adam made this excellent point:

“People may remember [Marlon] Brando refusing his Oscar, but more remember him for getting really fat and a bit shit…”

Fair. Tell us what you’re going to remember Axl Rose for in the poll below. And obviously, if you think we’ve missed something, call us dicks in a comment below.

axl rose cake meme welcome to the jungle we've got tons of cake

[poll id=”47″]

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