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Chris Hemsworth AKA Thor is a metalhead

August 29th, 2013

thor chris hemsworth thrash hits 2012

In a new interview featured in the US edition of Esquire magazine, it has transpired that Hollywood’s Thor, Chris Hemsworth is a metalhead. He beats the crap out of his mate whilst listening to Pantera. Strong.

It’s Saturday, so Hemsworth boxes. In his garage. With his best friend from high school. Music — Pantera — throbbing through speakers. The guy is suited up in a bright yellow foam suit and helmet, calling out the shots — jab, jab, hook, uppercut. Hemsworth hits hard enough to hurt the trainer, even with the protective gear. Every now and then he throws in a side kick for good measure. He could do this all day. It’s Saturday, so he might lift afterwards. Then spar with his wife. Maybe surf a little at dusk. He can do whatever he wants.

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SLAYER: Trve Kvlt legends or Hipster’s choice?

August 7th, 2013

God Listens To Slayer Thrash Hits

It’s a curious phenomenon. Slayer are unparalleled in their support. Not only are they the metaller’s metal band but they’ve also captured the attention of people who possibly weren’t even born when Reign In Blood was released.

The thrash legends are back in the UK this weekend, headlining Bloodstock Festival 2013. Last May they performed at Alexandra Palace as part of All Tomorrow’s Parties’ I’ll Be Your Mirror event. While Bloodstock Open Air is the preserve of the staunchest metal community in the world, ATP events tend to draw those in who are one step ahead of the madding crowd.

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Celebrity Metaller Alert: Arsenal FC footballer, Tomáš Rosický

March 27th, 2012

rosicky arsenal tottenham 5-2 emirates premier league thrash hits 2012

In a recent interview with Tomáš Rosický, he says: “I’m not just a metalhead. I like rock too.” He’s definitely not a death metaller though. Let’s get that straight.

Plenty of Arsenal-supporting metallers have been searching for confirmation that Arsenal’s Czech #7, Tomáš Rosický is a metalhead and here’s everything that we’ve been able to dredge up from out of the information abyss that is the internet.

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