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Harley Flanagan, formerly of Cro-Mags, goes berserk and knifes former bandmates at NY show

July 7th, 2012

Harley Flanagan Cro-Mags Thrash Hits

We’re a little bit lost for words on this one. Last night, former bassist and one of the founder members of Cro-Mags, Harley Flanagan, went seven shades of mental at a Cro-Mags show in New York. Reports currently seem to suggest he barged his way into the VIP area of Webster Hall, NY, and proceeded to slash and bite two members of the band who he helped form, but hasn’t been a member of himself for a decade now.

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Album: Sick Of It All – Based on a True Story

May 19th, 2010

Sick Of It All promo photo by RubyDeDoncker Thrash Hits

Sick Of It All
Based on a True Story
Century Media
20 April 2010

by Tomas Doyle

Quick! Name a New York hardcore band!

Ok, so some of you will have gone for Madball and if you were trying to be really clever you might have plumped with Gorilla Biscuits or Bad Brains but im willing to bet that a lot of you were shouting SICK OF IT ALL!!!!!!! at your screens, and fucking rightly so.

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