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Oidivnikufesin & Through Time POV

DVD: Anthrax – Oidivnikufesin & Through Time POV

September 2nd, 2008

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Through Time POV
Universal Records

by Joel McIver

Of the Big Four Of Thrash, Anthrax were always the most entertaining. Metallica had the big ambitions, Megadeth the vitriol and Slayer the giddying acceleration, but only this bunch of New Yorkers brought the noise in a way that made you laugh while you moshed. Their antics are back for your viewing pleasure on these two DVDs.

Like most of us, I pretty much ignored Anthrax after 1990’s Persistence Of Time, which didn’t really match up to their classic ’80s canon. Oidivnikufesin (it’s “nice fuckin’ video” backwards) is a classic 1987 show that included the big-shorts thrash anthems (‘I Am The Law’, ‘Among The Living’, ‘Indians’, ‘A.I.R.’) which you’ll remember jumping about to in your bedroom if you’re over 30.

Anybody younger than that might find it all a bit weird, what with guitarist Scott Ian shaving ‘Not’ into his chest fur, the endless gurning, the masses of black hair (head and body) which covered the band and singer Joey Belladonna’s insistence on wearing a Red Indian head-dress.

Watch ‘Among The Living’ from Oidivnikufesin by Anthrax

Still, the fast and furious beats from drummer Charlie Benante and Ian’s ridiculously precise riffage make it immediately clear that Anthrax were a serious metal band under all the clowning.

Through Time POV is less coherent, a bunch of live clips glued together with some interview footage. The live stuff is mostly songs that you’ve already seen on Oidivnikufesin or Youtube, although the version of ‘Gung-Ho’ – a thrash anthem like few others – is still a must-see.

The chats from the band, pictured at their late-80s commercial peak, don’t really add an awful lot of value (although their mile-a-minute, Noo Yoik-style patter is hilarious), which leaves the DVD as a slight souvenir of a long-gone era. Stick with Oidivnikufesin, it’s much better.

Oidivnikufesin 5/6
Through Time POV 2/6

Both Through Time POV and Oidivnikufesin by Anthrax are out now on Universal

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