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Sunday Spotify Slaylist: Easter Special

April 4th, 2010

It’s Easter – if you’ve got any sense you’re in a chocolate-coma right now. Unless you’ve like our man Tom Dare, in which case you’re emailing us Satanic heavy metal Slaylists of the most blasphemous kind imaginable.

Heavy Metal doesn’t really “do” Easter that well. Oh, we’re sure there’s probably some Christian Metal Bands out there singing about the Last Supper and the Resurrection and all that, but Christian Metal is basically 99% bollocks, and we sure as shit weren’t going to make a Slaylist full of that.

But what Metal does do well is is blasphemy, satanism, paganism, atheism and stuff that in some way promotes something that the Pope would strongly disapprove of. Much in the way the rest of the right-thinking world disapproves of covering-up institutionalised paedophilia. OhYesWeJustWentThere.

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Album: Eluveitie – Everything Remains As It Never Was

March 17th, 2010

Everything Remains As It Never Was
Nuclear Blast
19 February 2010

by Tom Dare

Swiss folk metallers Eluveitie attracted a certain amount of attention with their song ‘Inis Mona’, the lead single for their last album, Slania. One of the finer examples of the folk metal style, it firmly established Eluveitie as more authentically ‘folk’ than most of their peers, a position they consolidated last year with the release of their pure folk album, Evocation I- The Arcane Dominion.

However, despite Slania being a solid record, it was let down by being the type of album that had one or two colossal songs but patches of filler. With Everything Remains As It Never Was, the band has resumed the metal, but their sojourn in acoustic folk appears to have done them no end of good.

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