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Chris Hemsworth AKA Thor is a metalhead

August 29th, 2013

thor chris hemsworth thrash hits 2012

In a new interview featured in the US edition of Esquire magazine, it has transpired that Hollywood’s Thor, Chris Hemsworth is a metalhead. He beats the crap out of his mate whilst listening to Pantera. Strong.

It’s Saturday, so Hemsworth boxes. In his garage. With his best friend from high school. Music — Pantera — throbbing through speakers. The guy is suited up in a bright yellow foam suit and helmet, calling out the shots — jab, jab, hook, uppercut. Hemsworth hits hard enough to hurt the trainer, even with the protective gear. Every now and then he throws in a side kick for good measure. He could do this all day. It’s Saturday, so he might lift afterwards. Then spar with his wife. Maybe surf a little at dusk. He can do whatever he wants.

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The Thrash Hits Podcast 029: Hellyeah’s Vinnie Paul & Kyle Shutt from The Sword on the state of Texas (at Download Festival 2013)

July 16th, 2013

Podcast 029 Kyle Shutt The Sword Vinnie Paul Hellyeah Pantera Thrash Hits

In the third of our Download Festival 2013 mini-podcasts, we talk to Kyle Shutt from The Sword, and the one and only Vinnie Paul from Hellyeah (and, of course, formerly of Pantera) about just what it is that makes their home state of Texas so great.

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Vintage Video: Pantera – Psycho Holiday

June 30th, 2012

Down Phil Anselmo by Gary Wolstenholme Thrash Hits

Philip Hansen Anselmo, frontman of Down, former frontman of Pantera and Superjoint Ritual, and member of more side-projects and various guest-spots than we could concisely mention, is 44 years old today. And since Anselmo has spent more than half his life fronting some of the most influential metal bands of the last quarter-century, the least we could do to mark his birthday is to post a video of one of those bands, right?

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EP: Whitechapel – Recorrupted

November 3rd, 2011

Whitechapel band promo photo metal blade thrash hits

Metal Blade
8 November 2011

by Dan Pelic

The extended play music recording – a delicate challenge to produce as a cohesive and complete work, in order to leave a band as proud papas. Well, seems pops wasn’t around much on this one and his neglect has resulted in a dropout, crack-smoking failure of an EP.

This languid record contains but one original song and a cover, along with two remixes and an acoustic snoozer of ‘End of Flesh’ from 2010’s, A New Era of Corruption.

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Reykjavik! wrote a song about the internet which sounds a bit like Pantera; made a video

December 8th, 2010

reykjavik iceland band video haukur magnusson thrash hits

You might remember that we went over to Reykjavik in October for Iceland Airwaves Festival 2010. We saw a band called Reykjavik!. They’re distinct from the name of the country’s capital because they put an exclamation mark on the end. Anyway, they wrote a song called ‘Internet’ and made a video about it in a bar that Damon Albarn from Blur spent so much money in once, they let him own a bit of it.

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Future Hits 065: Revoker

November 3rd, 2010

revoker band promo photo 2010 roadrunner records thrash hits wales

From: Rhymney Valley, Wales, UK
Lazy equation: (Pantera x Bullet For My Valentine) + White Zombie

Thrash Hits verdict: With crunching, almost industrial guitars and vocals which swerve between Phil Anselmo’s snarl and Matt Tuck’s Welsh-inflected yelps, Revoker remain resolutely metal, but show that they’ve definitely got enough about them to challenge for the top. Signing to Roadrunner Records so early on in their career can only help them become massive. We had a chat to singer/guitarist Jamie Mathias…

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Future Hits 037: Rising Pain

June 30th, 2009

We can’t remember who recommended Arizona death-thrashers Rising Pain to us, but whoever did – we owe them a beer. We challenged guitarist Ricky Racines to step up to our Future Hits interrogation…

Rising Pain Thrash Hits promo photo

From: Arizona, USA
Sounds like: old-skool Machine Head, Misery Index, the crunch of breaking bones

Thrash Hits verdict: Arizona has thrown up some badass metal in the last few years. While bands like Job For A Cowboy are the face of the movement, it’s bands like Rising Pain that make up the real bones and the blood of the scene. They’re also pretty useful to have on hand if you fancy taking a trip down Mexico-way…

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