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Album: Sombres Forêts – La Mort Du Soleil

July 15th, 2013

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Sombres Forêts
La Mort Du Soleil
Sepulchral Productions
09 July 2013

by Ollie Connors

Intense. Harrowing. Bleak. Just some of the terms that could be used to describe La Mort Du Soleil, the third full-length by Québecoise atmospheric black metal act Sombres Forêts. It’s not just shards of harsh guitar and abrasive howls of shrieked vocal that engulf the ears of the listener here; we are also privy to soulful, gentle piano and wistful, dreamy acoustic guitars, that aid this record in breaking down the parameters between grim, savage black metal and the rich textures and dynamic atmospherics of post-rock.

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Album: Despised Icon – Day of Mourning

September 24th, 2009

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Despised Icon
Day of Mourning
Century Media
21 September 2009

by Tom Gibbons

It’s tempting to write this review using the amusing garbled French-English mash-up speak preferred by Quebec’s finest deathcore deniers, Despised Icon. The twin vocals of Alexandre Erian (screamy man), and Steve Marois (death-growler man), render the new album’s lyrics audibly indecipherable anyway, so why didn’t they just verse in their native French? Were they trying to sell more records that way?

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