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Live: Radio 1 Presents… Metallica @ BBC Radio Theatre – 14 September 2008

September 15th, 2008

The day before Metallica play London O2 Arena, they performed a very special show for the BBC to just 300 people. Lifelong ‘Tallica fan, Tony Hampton was there to soak up the atmosphere.

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Ok, so everyone at this special BBC Radio 1 Presents… show should be off down the deed poll office to change their middle names to ‘lucky fucker’.

The atmosphere is incredible. Including fans, media types and the odd musician’ (Flea and Simon Neil among others) there arre just 300 people here to witness the mightiest of the mighty.

Metal legends Metallica.

As they hit the stage with an opening brace of newbies ‘That Was Just Your Life’ and ‘End of the Line’ its clear they band are relaxed and enjoying themselves, while remaining tight they’re obviously having fun.

Death Magnetic material sounds dynamic, fresh, heavy as hell and just like proper Metallica should.

A nice dip into the often overlooked Load, which did produce some good moments, era with ‘Until It Sleeps’ follows, ‘Broken, Beat and Scarred’ and ‘Cyanide’ – anyone who doesnt like that runaway Maiden-style riff has serious issues – and straight into ‘Frantic’ which is a brilliant and brutal song, live or otherwise, whatever people say about St Anger.

Watch the video to ‘The Day That Never Comes’ by Metallica

‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’, sublime, utterly sublime and into ‘Day That Never Comes’. What follows is the most memorable though as Hetfield messes up the intro to ‘Master Of Puppets’ and get a sound ribbing from both band and audience.

He laughs it off. And its truly heartwarming to see them enjoying this event so much. You see, Metallica really do care about their fans, always have and thats not changed now they can sell out the enormodomes of this world.

Some bands make people pay for meet and greets at shows, to pick up some pocket money. This will never be the Metallca way.

They finish with ‘Blackened’. Necks snap, grown men with huge beards openly weep. Tomorrow night they will tear the 02 a brand new A-hole in front of 18,000 people for the official launch party for Death Magnetic.

This really is a great time to be a Metallica fan.


Metallica release new video + intimate BBC gig

September 2nd, 2008

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The big news is that everyone’s been waiting for is that Metallica are due to play an exclusive, intimate gig for BBC Radio 1 at BBC Radio Theatre on Sunday, 14 September 2008 – the day before their appearance at London’s O2 Arena.

Radio 1 listeners can register for a chance to get tickets for the gig at from Tuesday, 02 September 2008 from 7.30pm. You have 72 hours (three days) to register.

The show will be broadcast the following day on Radio 1 from 9pm, forming the centrepiece of an entire evening devoted to Metallica, including a fantastic access all areas interview with all four members. This is quite annoying for those at the O2 Arena show, but I’m sure they’ll cope.

In other news, the war-inspired video for Metallica’s fortieth single, ‘The Day That Never Comes’ is to can now be found online. Clocking in at 7min 55secs, it’s less a promo video and more of a short film.

Watch the video to ‘The Day That Never Comes’ by Metallica

BBC Radio 1 Presents… Metallica – Monday 15th September schedule

7pm-9pm Zane Lowe celebrates the influence of Metallica including contributions from Lostprophets, Funeral For A Friend, Slipknot and Black Tide. Plus Lars Ulrich’s personal Guide To Metallica.

9pm-10pm Radio 1 Presents … Metallica. The gig

10pm-11pm Daniel P Carter continues the night with brand new album tracks and classics.

11pm-12midnight Radio 1 Stories: Metallica. A no holds barred documentary as Daniel P Carter talks to them about their past, their present, and their future.

Death Magnetic will be released on Friday, 12 September 2008 through Vertigo Records

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