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Sunday Slaylist: Speculating Sonisphere 2012

January 29th, 2012

Speculating Sonisphere 2012 Slaylist Thrash Hits

Well, this week Sonisphere finally broke their silence and announced some of the bands that will be playing their Spanish and Finnish festivals this year. As yet there’s still no names for Knebworth, and as Metal Hammer noted, some of the names that are playing in Madrid and Helsinki are playing Download in the UK, and therefore seem highly unlikely to make the UK edition of Sonisphere. But it got us thinking – what bands could be playing at Knebworth this year?

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Live: Rage Against The Machine @ London Finsbury Park, Sunday 06 June 2010

June 12th, 2010

It seems like a while back now, but remember that Facebook campaign to get Rage Against The Machine to number 1 for Christmas instead of the usual tripe from Simon Cowell and his X Factor cronies? Remember their promise to come and play a free gig in the UK if we got them to the top spot? Well consider that a promise fulfilled on Sunday 6th June 2010, when Finsbury Park became the venue for ‘The Rage Factor’.

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Whatever Happened To Nu-Metal? It went to East London for a one-off clubnight tonight, that’s what

June 3rd, 2010

You remember last year, just after Limp Bizkit announced they were getting back together, when all the major metal media started fretting over the possibility of a nu-metal revival? They couldn’t decide whether to be delighted or appalled, and they all endured a week of psychological constipation until metal fans shrugged, got on their the Summer, and everyone promptly forgot about “the nu-metal revivial”.

Well, everyone except a single London clubnight promoter, it seems….

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EP: One Day As A Lion – One Day As A Lion

July 25th, 2008

One Day As A Lion Zach De La Rocha Jon Theodore Thrash Hits

One Day As A Lion
One Day As A Lion EP
Anti Records

by Dean Samways

The trouble leaving something familiar is forming a new cohesion with the unfamiliar. This almost always take time and often compromise and, however rarely, heartbreak.

The One Day As A Lion partnership between Zack De La Rocha and Jon Theodore (former Mars Volta drummer) has produced familiar substance of little groundbreaking worth. Listening to the self-entitled EP it’s difficult to hear anything new beyond the distinctive vocal chord assault.

Like Audioslave, this could be Rage with new faces conforming to what was already a successful but ageing sound.

One Day As A Lion Zach De La Rocha Jon Theodore Thrash Hits EP packshot cd cover

The biggest flaw in all the tracks is the oppression upon them, not allowing them to become, to drop into a heavier, faster form. Sure ‘Ocean View’ has a breakdown with some hastier drums but no sooner do you want it to liftoff into a thrashing solo to that stirs moshpits, it finishes.

There’s still some powerful stuff though. ‘Last Letter’ is an anti-religious wake-up call, ‘Wild International’ is the customary anti-war war cry and ‘If You Fear Dying’ is a kick up the arse to all the paranoid victims of this quietly hysterical terrorist era.

Watch the video to ‘Killing In The Name Of’ by Rage Against The Machine

More interesting than these long-time Rage romanticised themes is De La Rocha’s vocal experimentation. Blurting what are some impressive melodies for the usually shouty MC his efforts unfortunately end up sounding like Ozzy Osbourne, albeit, early Ozzy.

The thing about familiarity is that sometimes you want it back so badly eventually the change heartbreaks your heart. There’s little compromise here. Potential to turn these songs into anthems is squandered, the sound shows little progression but then despite this refusal to move forward it still sounds as angry as ever, which will do us.


One Day As A Lion’s eponymous ep is out now on Anti Records

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