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A to Z of the Noughties: Judas Priest to Rock Band

November 13th, 2009

Where were you on the night before the dawn of the New Millennium? Jon Kerr was getting a pit going in Jilly’s Rockworld, Manchester. We’ve asked him to summarise the ten years since then in all things metal in a handy A to Z

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Judas Priest
As if one seminal British vocalist returning to his former band wasn’t enough, Rob Halford followed suit in 2003 and re-joined Judas Priest. Angel of Retribution followed and Priest celebrated their 30th Anniversary whilst touring it. 2008’s double concept album Nostradamus became Judas Priest’s 16th studio effort and was no less than a masterpiece. With Priest on such good form, it has indeed been a decade to savour. [Read more →]

Chinese Democracy invades Rock Band 2

July 14th, 2008

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Following Mötley Crüe’s lead, Guns N’ Roses are to release a song through a computer.

The sequel to the hugely popular Rock Band game will include ‘Shackler’s Revenge’, a track from Chinese Democracy – probably the most anticipated album of recent rock memory.

This news is likely to be confirmed today (July 14) but broke it earlier quoting anonymous individuals close to the deal as sources.

The song’s inclusion in Rock Band 2 is a hint that the new album will be out this autumn, finally putting an end to years of delays, although a confirmed release date is yet to be announced.

Watch a video of the all-new, separately-sold drum kit from Rock Band 2

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