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EP: Coilguns – Stadia Rods

March 13th, 2012

Coilguns promo 2012 Thrash Hits

Stadia Rods
Dead Dead Dead Music
15 March 2012

by Hugh Platt

One of the most maddening things about people’s reactions to side-projects – particularly those involving members of their favourite bands – it’s that people get the huff when said side-projects don’t sound like the band that they’re a side project of. So if you’re expecting Coilguns, a splinter faction of half the current members of The Ocean, to release records that mirror the deep, pulsating progressive post-metal/math experimentalism of their parent band – music that require contemplation, chin-stroking, and overly-wordy genre description on two-bit metal blogs – then you’re going to be disappointed.

Stadia Rods isn’t that kind of record. This isn’t so much an EP as it is an exploding pressure valve.

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Sunday Slaylist: IT SNOWED!!!111!!

February 5th, 2012

Guess The Snowy Album Cover? Thrash Hits

Look, we’re a bit tired, we’ve foolishly agreed to cook Sunday lunch today, and we still have to trudge down the shops to buy a big slab of meat to cook for it. With much of the UK currently under 2 inches of snow, can you blame us for going with an obvious topic this Sunday? That’s why we’ve gone for the bleedingly obvious choice of a Winter-themed Sunday Slaylist.

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Mastodon release video for ‘Divinations’ ahead of Crack The Skye

March 7th, 2009

mastodon crack the skye 2009 band thrash hits promo photo

Showing the band trawling through a snowy, mountainous terrain, the epic, doom-laden video for the band’s recent single, ‘Divinations’ is a masterclass in what to do when your label gives you some cash and a camera.

The prog-metallers are decked out in some cool shades and parkas and they use ropes as they venture into the wild to slay a SNARLING MANIMAL. The ropes are pretty cool, but not as cool as the icy beard that Brent Hinds is sporting.

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