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Album: Feed The Rhino – The Sorrow and The Sound

June 10th, 2014

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Feed The Rhino
The Sorrow and The Sound
Siege of Amida Records
16 June 2014

by Gavin Lloyd

We all know that the days of “being in a band” going hand in hand with “being a rich and successful rock star” are long gone. Sure, some bands get bigger and reach arena-filling levels, but far more bands hit their glass ceiling at much smaller-sized venue levels. Despite earning themselves a stellar reputation as a ferocious live act and amassing a solid fan base off the back of it, when Feed The Rhino released their second album The Burning Red left many fans cold. It was up for debate whether the band had reached their peak, and it’s up to new album The Sorrow and The Sound to set the record straight.

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Album: Ageless Oblivion – Penthos

March 14th, 2014

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Ageless Oblivion
Siege Of Amida Records
17 March 2014

by Pete Long

When Ageless Oblivion released Temples of Transcendent Evolution back in 2011, they caused a wee bit of a buzz with their Frankenstein’s monster approach to death metal. Even a little bit of “next big thing” talk. Fast-forward three years and the follow-up, Penthos, follows the same ethos. It’s as if Cult of Luna had just mugged every death metal band they could see and stolen all the riffs.

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Album: Malevolence – Reign Of Suffering

November 13th, 2013

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Reign of Suffering
Siege of Amida Records
11 November 2013

by Gavin Lloyd

You could argue that we’ve reached a point where music can’t offer us anything completely original, and with more music at our disposal than ever before it’s now increasingly rare to discover something that sounds like nothing you’ve heard before. Perhaps that’s why so many bands attempt to make a lasting impression these days by picking as broad a range of musical influences as possible and combine them in the hope of making something close to new and exciting. This certainly seems to be the approach Malevolence have taken on their new album Reign of Suffering, drawing as they do from a plethora of modern, retro metal and hardcore source material.

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Album: Dyscarnate – And So It Came To Pass

January 30th, 2012

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And So It Came To Pass
Siege Of Amida Records
27 February 2012

by Von

Eshewing the recent trend in modern metal to be as technical as possible, Dyscarnate put their faith in big, brutal riffing and complex, but never wanky, drum work. That isn’t to say they pound out drop-D, one-note, bore-you-to-tears crap-fests – far from it. You don’t need a degree in guitar wank to enjoy this album. What you will need, however, is a neck, because I guarantee you’ll be nodding along, if not full-on windmill headbanging to at least one track.

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