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Win!! Chris Cornell’s new solo acoustic non-Soundgarden album, Songbook

November 15th, 2011

We absolutely love Soundgarden, which is why we weren’t overly enamoured with Chris Cornell releasing a new solo album instead of a new Soundgarden album BUT from all the comments under the review it seems there are loads of you who will support Chris Cornell regardless of what he’s releasing. This one is for you guys. You can have a free copy of this album by answering an easy question.

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Album: Chris Cornell – Songbook

October 26th, 2011

soundgarden old promo photo thrash hits

Chris Cornell
21 November 2011

by Ryan Williams

This is not a new Soundgarden album. This is a Chris Cornell solo acoustic album. I’d say something like:

“God only knows that we do not need another Chris Cornell solo album.”

But I know it as well. You know it too and Trent Reznor made his feelings on the matter quite clear. Ultimately, this is not a new Soundgarden album.

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